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swollen gum gone flat after amoxicillin but now VERY sore!



Junior member
Jan 30, 2012
i visted the dentist after a swelling behind one of my top front teeth. the front of my gum was also sore. he said it wasnt infected or an abcess and that id either burnt my gum or a bit of food was stuck under the gum. he gave me a weeks treatment on antibiotics amoxicillin. after the 3rd day the swelling went flat like a mini dip in my gum and was sore. and the front of my gum is red and sore..now 6 days into the treatment it is almost unbarably sore can hardly eat/drink and the front is very sore and red and i have 3 ulcers on the front of my gum now too. i had been using clove oil for the pain but stopped using that when read that it can cause ulcers.. im due to visit the dentist 2 days from now..not sure wether to call up and see if can get in earlier..what could it be tho it is just red and sore not swollen or white etc :s ???? =( and VERY PAINFUL
It sounds like an infection but only your dentist can tell you. Try warm salt water rinses as much as you can. It will help. Sometimes antibiotics don't feel as if they have worked until you stop taking them, if you are worried or in too much pain ring your dentist and see what they advise.
Google aphthous ulcer and see if that's what it sounds like- I'm not a dentist but it sounds like canker sores, which are very painful and can last two weeks or so. I have one on my palate right now.............starts out like a bump or raised rash and then ulcerates- they are caused by stress, viruses, some vitamin and mineral deficiencies, like B complex and zinc ....

The salt water rinses can help and perhaps your dentist can prescribe a rinse, paste or use debacterol to help speed healing if that is what it is.

thankyou for your advice.. i know that i do have ulcers (canker sores) on my front gum as iv had them before.. but this soreness behind my tooth is like sore along the line of three teeth and a smi circle.. its doesnt look white like the other ulcers and there feels like a dip in the gum where originally the swelling was. Im due to see the dentist int he morning and im very nervous about what he will do..my teeth look healthy and i do not have toothache any more..i do feel that its the ulcers and the sore on gum that is the big problem. it is my birthday the day after aswell.. worried not going to be able to enjoy my meal and end up with a tooth missing at the front or something daft =(

been trying the salt it stings a little but is barable but not noticing anything as of yet.
I am glad the salt is helping with anything like this it takes time. I think only your dentist can really deal with it properly. It's a good thing that you are going tomorrow. Good luck. Hope it goes well.