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Swollen inner cheek week after wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Dec 16, 2019
I got all my wisdom teeth removed exactly one week ago. I noticed the day they were removed that the gum that lay against the molar in front of my bottom left wisdom tooth had been cut for some reason. I can move it with my tongue and it feels gross. I looked online and only saw a couple people asking about the same issue and they were told it’s normal. Every other part of my recovery is going great but that little loose piece of gum that on the side of the tooth in front of my bottom left wisdom tooth is inflamed and my inner cheek right next to it is swollen and painful. So swollen in fact that it’s puffing out and mostly covering my extraction hole on that side. You can’t see it from the outside of my cheek but if you look in my mouth you can see it. It’s painful enough that it bothers me but it’s not excruciating and I haven’t even taken Advil for it. I’m wondering if it’s infection or if I messed up by trying to eat harder foods yesterday and it just irritated the spot and made it swell.
I also wanna point out that my bottom left wisdom tooth is the only wisdom tooth I never had issues with before my surgery so it’s kinda crazy it’s the only side I’m having issues with during recovery lol
Hi Missymajor, as far as I‘ve heard gums can do really weird annoying things after a wisdom tooth removal, particularly if they were cut and it can take a while until it remodels itself. So if you don‘t have too much pain in it, maybe waiting few other days to see whether it settles might be a good idea? If it bothers you too much, you could still try to get in touch with your dentist to have it checked.