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swollen right jaw and sore gum behind right molar



Junior member
Jul 2, 2011

For the last five weeks I have been experiencing a slightly swollen jaw on my right side with no real pain. I went to my doctors who didn't seem to think anything was wrong. My gum is now sore and tender and looks a little angry but again there is no real pain. I have booked to see my dentist due to this. I did wonder if it could be my wisdom teeth but I am 30 and usually I hear they should have already appeared if they are going to. I am worried as I am a smoker and wondered if this could be more sinister do you think I should be concerned?
You did the best thing you could- booked an appointment with your dentist. Pretty doubtful a dentist here can answer your question or diagnose over the internet.

The next best thing you can do is quit smoking, especially if you worry you have cancer everytime something is wrong or doesn't feel right- then it's time. . I did it after a 2 pack a day, very long history. It was easier than I tought..............

Sorry if I'm being preachy.........

It's very probably nothing more sinister than an abcessed tooth. This can often initially present the symptoms you describe, and it often doesn't seem to be coming from a particular tooth, at first. But the swollen gums do point to an abcess. It all depends on where the precise point of the infection is, and the symptoms can vary accordingly.
The answer: Go to the dentist, get an X-Ray done, this will tell them what the problem is. You're obviously not in terrible pain, which is good, so go ASAP, don't say to yourself "I'll wait until it gets really bad", because sometimes tooth abcesses can flare up faster than you expect.
You'll be fine, just don't wait, make an appointment.