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Swollen/Sensitive gum around wisdom tooth (again)



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Jul 31, 2012
Quebec, Canada
I posted before about my sensitive gum around a wisdom tooth.

It came back lately, my left teeth (maybe just one?) seem to be sensitive after I push them together 2-3 times, after that it seems to be ok... This happens usually when I wake up

The gum is sensitive, yet when I push on the wisdom tooth, it doesn't seem to hurt. The gum seems to be sensitive on the outside part only...and it's sensitive mostly around the wisdom tooth and a little around the molar next to it.

The dentist cabinet where I went, said they will have to take them out eventually, but the appointment I got so far from them is to repair 2 teeth on the left of my jaw (1 on the upper right, and 1 on the lower right).

Lately, I do tend to push the toothbrush deeper and maybe brush more vigorously.

Also, I think it may be important to say that there are 2 big molars that have been repaired on this same side, about a month ago.
Just as a temporary fix try doing warm salt water rinses and brushing your teeth gently. I'm a hard brusher too and I have to make myself brush gently.
i really need a soft-bristled toothbrush i think...yes i do salt water rinses, does the swelling take a while to go down if it's swollen because of hard brushing?

combine that with my anxiety problem... :cry:
It can take a while if the gum is inflamed but I don't know for sure if that is what is causing your discomfort. The rinses should help some though. Hopefully it is not the beginning of an infection.
i've been brushing regularly now, before going to sleep and when i wake up, with a toothpaste approved by the Canadian Dental Association, which contain fluoride (Colgate Total, the Whitening kind)

my mother said she had this kind of problem many times before, but i still wonder if it's the same thing or not. She said to stop worrying about this, but it's hard...