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swollen sore gum around wisdom tooth



Junior member
Feb 28, 2014
Hi, my wisdom tooth is only part way through and last night it become extremely painful it is swollen and the pain spreads right through my jaw and under my neck, I am extremely scared of the dentit and have gum disease which needs treating. Can anyone please help with my fear/pain
Hi :welcome: to the forum,

I understand your fear but it won't be as bad as you are imagining. I speak from experience here, the worry and the waiting for something to happen is much worse than seeing a dentist. If you email a few and explain how you feel and ask if they can help you. You can go through the replies and see which one's might appeal to you. If you prefer you could call them or go to a practice and see them. Most people find the emailing the easiest.

The first appointment is usually a meet and greet and they like to have a look, this they can do with just the mirror if you are really worried about the probe. They also might like to take an x ray but if this feels like too much they can do it later.

Most dentists are lovely and really want to help you get any treatment you may need. You can take things slowly and only agree to what you feel you can deal with until you get used to the dentist. They can do all treatment totally pain free.

You need to find a dentist that you feel comfortable with, they will not judge you or tell you off, they are there to help. :butterfly:
Hi, thankyou for your reply, the dentist I usually go to isn't very sympathetic and when I had my tooth extracted a few years ago he didn't make me feel very comfortable, I'm only 18 and hate the thought of loosing my teeth, my main fear is needles and I had several of them during my last extraction. Will definitely take your advice on board and try find a dentist I feel comfortable with, thanks again for your advice