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sympathetic dentists in north east



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Dec 20, 2011
Does anyone know of any sympathetic dentists in north eastern england, am now at rock bottom and need to do something now, but need a dentist that wont ridicule and lecture, just want rotten teeth removed and dentures fitted to give me some kind of life back and the ability to smile again. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you all for your help
If you click on the LINKS tab on here there is a find a dentist section. If you can't find one for your area on there then go to NHS CHOICES click dentist on the find a service put your postcode in and all the dentists will come up in your area and near by. Hope this helps.
Whereabouts in the north east are you?
In the Middlesbrough area if anyone can help, thanks

If you are interested in private, this could work: pleasant environment and they do dentures and implant-supported dentures according to the website. There's a female dentist called Wendy Cole at The Smile Spa in Stockton-on-Tees who has an interest in helping anxious patients.

If you need an NHS dentist (the type of dentures available on NHS is limited and implants are not covered) you can search under your postcode on the BDA website and look for a local dentist with an interest in anxiety management.

Have you asked any friends or relatives for a recommendation as this is usually the best way. It would be rare for a dentist to ridicule you these days although we accept it does still happen - simply walk out if you don't like a dentist's attitude towards you. You are free to leave at any point.
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This could be another option. A lot of their dentists are listed as specialising/interested in treating anxious patients; they do NHS and private (but free consulations, according to the site), and offer sedation to both. If you went to a local NHS dentist and they thought you needed help with anxiety, chances are they'd refer you here.

As for being ridiculed or lectured, it simply shouldn't happen. No matter how bad you feel your teeth are, you have a right to expect to be treated kindly and 'sympathetically', as you've said you want. As brit said, if you're not happy, leave. There really are plenty of good, sympathetic dentists out there (albeit sometimes hidden amongst not-so-good ones!), and you don't have to settle for less.