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Tartar build up after scale and polish



Junior member
Apr 14, 2022
I had terrible Tartar build up on the backs and fronts of my bottom teeth (the main 4 or 5 teeth at the front), they were covered but I knew this was from not going to the dentist for over 10 years and not always cleaning my teeth.
I finally went to the dentist in April and had a scale and polish. I’ve been mad obsessed since about keeping them in the best condition, better toothpastes, electric toothbrush, brushing twice a day, some times 3 times a day but yet I’m getting the build up on the back of my bottom teeth. The fronts are still good, no build up. I do have crowded bottom teeth so I make a point of brushing the backs of my teeth throughly.
I had a check up with my dentist only four weeks ago and he said he could see the start of some Tartar build up so to floss as well as brush but I’ve tried flossing and the 3/4 crowded teeth I just can not floss around.
I know it’s too late for me to do anything about what is now stuck there but is there anything else I could do that would stop it getting any worse?
I have ordered a water flosser but I just want to try anything and everything!
TePe brushes? Try different floss, some are thinner than others, I like the Oral B tape stuff.
Some folks just have heavy calculus build up and as long as it's cleaned off regularly it's no big deal. Can you cancel the water flosser thing? It really won't help.
Thanks Gordon, I’m going to order the tape and Tepe brushes this evening.
The water flosser arrived this morning!
Hi @Jemma89, if you ordered it on amazon, you can send it back free of charge as long as you give a return reason that's the seller's responsibility (in this case, "Incompatible or not useful for intended purpose", i.e. doesn't work as a flossing device).

If you give a reason that you're fully responsible for like "I changed my mind", you will be charged (unless you ordered it using Alexa/voice, in which case you can return any item free of charge).
I read to put baking soda on that area and leave it for 15 minutes prior to a good brushing. It worked for me!