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Tartar build up



Apr 18, 2021

After years of ignoring my teeth through dental phobia, I suddenly woke up when I realised that I was losing teeth on my upper right, I have registered with a dentist and have to wait until September to be seen...so now I am just obsessing over all of my teeth...for the first time in many years I have plucked up the courage to ACTUALLY look at my teeth...(I hate teeth and can never look close up)

Well more problems for me...my teeth always felt smooth and clean when I brushed them so thought I was doing ok...nope my bottom front teeth are covered in tartar! So I have a small toothbrush and tried to clean it off...didn't really make a difference but now my teeth feel rough at the gum line...have I now just made my teeth worse?? They did not feel rough before...?‍♀️

Now I feel like I have ruined my teeth, have recceding gums and they are probably all going to fall out!

I know its probably impossible to give me a definite answer without pictures but not quite at that stage yet after only just being able to look at them, but just wondered if anyone had heard of this happening before?

Thank you in advance xxx
You'll have managed to chip off a little bit of the calculus (proper name for it!). Don't fret, the stuff that's above gum level is fairly harmless, and your teeth aren't all going to fall out between now and September due to gum disease.
Stick at it, you won't be able to get it all off but you should manage to reduce the amount a bit.
Thank you! I did totally freak out! I feel like I have spent so long with my head in sand over my teeth and now it's all hitting me at once! ?‍♀️

I have calmed down a bit now and have today bought an electric toothbrush, I am hoping this will help too. I have also read about oil pulling with coconut oil, is that something you would recommend?

September can't come soon enough, although I am sure I will feel differently the day before :grin:
I have also read about oil pulling with coconut oil, is that something you would recommend?

No, don't waste your time.

See if you can get hold of some small TePe brushes to begin cleaning between your teeth. They're like very small bottle brushes. Work them carefully into the gap at gum level between your teeth, keeping them horizontal, don't dig them down into the gum.
I am actually glad you said that as the thought of it makes me feel sick, but would of done it if it worked!

Great thank you, going to look for them now x
Me too, I don't like coconut much either.

However, I have to say, my dogs get a spoonful each every morning and firstly, they love it and secondly, their coats have never been nicer :)
I use coconut oil for everything else, hair, if I have a spot etc but just don't fancy it in my mouth! Haha