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Tartar falling out randomly



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Dec 25, 2016
So after a long time of neglect and too much sugary drinks, my teeth got into a right mess. I barely cleaned them and this resulted in a lot of tartar forming behind my bottom teeth. However, now I've realised the importance of cleaning and keeping them as healthy as possible. It's now implanted in my mind and will not leave. The laziness has thankfully dissipated.

Ever since keeping up with consistent brushing and Corsodyl Daily mouthwash, I have noticed changes. Most of which seem to relate to my tartar build that sits right behind my bottom teeth. It looks a state and while I am planning to head to the dentist sometime next month, this has been puzzling me.

Occasionally when either eating or brushing/using mouthwash I notice that tartar is beginning to fall right out. Just now a very large chunk fell out as I was eating some cucumber slices. The bit that came out was a large portion that was previously sitting behind my bottom front teeth. It's now pink-ish there when previously it was yellow. There is obviously no pain and no signs of bleeding.

To my understanding, tartar is supposed to be hardened plaque that cannot come off without removal from the dentist. Has my improved oral hygiene in any way contributed to the tartar dropping out? Or is this just something that occasionally happens?

Also, is it bad for it to fall out on its own? Since I'm not able to see a dentist yet I just want to make sure nothing is wrong since that area is now "exposed" when previously it was covered by that hardened yellow substance.

The only issue I'm having is how weird it feels now when eating. It's not painful, but it feels "odd".
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I'm glad to hear you are getting back on track. Having so much tartar on your teeth that you can see it and it is falling out on it's own means that there is A LOT of build-up on those teeth. Your dentist will clean all of that off. The more that falls off in the meantime, the better. Keep brushing well to start some good habits for after your dental visit. This won't cause any problems for you.
There is no need to worry. The tartar can chip off once it becomes dense enough. Do not worry about the exposed areas. When you get your cleaning done the teeth will be exposed again and shiny and wonderful! :jump: