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Tartar leaving holes



Junior member
Aug 25, 2020
I am going to call tomorrow and schedule an appointment, but I am nauseous right now with fear.
I took a bite of soft bread tonight and suddenly felt like a piece of the crust was on the back of my lower teeth. I went to the bathroom and grabbed floss to find that tartar has actually broken off and there’s a significant hole where it was. I’m very worried my tooth is going to fall out. Is there a way to salvage this? Am I going to lose a tooth? It doesn’t seem to be loose. But it must be hanging by a thread with how big the hole feels and seems. I have some gun recession on the bottom front where I can see a tiny spot of my tooth through the gum.
Hi HId2011,

sorry to read how much is this bothering you. Hope you will be able to get an appointment asap. Tartar is something that basically doesn't belong on the teeth and causes problems so if a bit broke off, it's not that bad. The next step would be to remove the rest of it.

You're not the first person who is worried about tartar holding teeth. If you like, take a look around to look for posts that cover this, there are a lot of them. Here are two I came across with a quick search:

All the best wishes