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Taylored Dental Care, Keighley, West Yorkshire



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Dec 31, 2009
I used to go to an NHS practice which I found through this forum, but unfortunately the nice dentist I was seeing left over a year ago and the one I was placed with instead seemed to be anything but pleasant or patient (and I'm not entirely sure that he knew what he was doing either!).

Anyway, I noticed a sign outside one of the dental surgeries in town which mentioned nervous patients being welcome, so I decided to try them out and I'm so glad that I did. I filled in the online contact form on their website and less than an hour later, the practice manager phoned me back to see whether I would like to arrange an appointment. I told her that I was very nervous and she said it wasn't a problem at all and that one of their dentists was trained to deal with nervous patients. I arranged an appointment for when I wasn't at work, but unfortunately he doesn't work every day at the practice, however she said that their other dentist was also very nice, so I would be fine.

So far, I've had a new patient appointment and everyone was so lovely and kind. It's a private practice, so they're not in such a hurry and will take more time to make sure you're comfortable. The dentist was very nice, patient, explained everything and didn't rush me into doing anything wasn't comfortable with. They were absolutely fine with me being nervous and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. The nurses also talk to you which is nice (they didn't do this at the other practice I went to - apart from mumbling your name to call you for your appointment!). Anyway their details are:

Taylored Dental Care
98 Cavendish Street
BD21 3DE

I think they have a couple of dentists; the one I saw was Graham Duckitt who was very nice. :)
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Oct 24, 2005
This dentist has been highly recommended. Please contact us if you'd like more details!


Mar 2, 2014
A massive recommendation for this dentist from me too. Graham and the team are all absolutely lovely - so patient, kind and professional. The clinical expertise, care and explanations are fab too. Can't recommend them highly enough. :perfect: (& I am a VERY scared high-maintenance patient :D)