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tears just keep popping out of my eyes



Jun 15, 2016
I have finally booked an appointment to see a dentist after many years of not going. I have never had this level of fear before, I have always been a little scared but this is rediculous. I used to go not regularly but when I needed stuff done I would go through a phase of getting it all sorted, then I didn't go for a number of years, then I quit smoking (yay go me hardest thing I have ever done but my god so happy and proud I did it) anyway about six months after quitting decided to get other aspects of my life healthy and booked at a dentist, had a check up and he asked if I smoked ( I was about 4-6 months into my quit so early days and very chuffed with myself) I told him the time frame since I quit and he said "you wouldn't think so state of your gums "!!!!!! He also didn't explain what the procedures would be for the work I needed as a result of that check up , I never went back after, I don't know if that is what has triggered this really out of hand fear I am experiencing right now.

I have a lot of cavities I can feel, a broken tooth, hole in the back of my front tooth, (I have vaneers on 6 front teeth hole is behind onefitted about 14 years ago you can see a small line of my real teeth presume my gums have changed maybe as no longer smoking)

It has took me about 2 years to get to the point of booking an appointment I did it finally about 2 weeks ago took me a whole day of feeling so messed up,scared, crying just to ring and make the appointment, now it's just over 22 hours until I go.

I feel like I am dipping in an out of depression right now, crying, don't want to do anything ,it's just taken over my whole brain and thoughts, cant eat (yay weight loss),can't sleep, I know logically this is ridiculous but I can't make it stop .

I used a forum to quit smoking and it saved me, I am hoping this forum can help me I really need help right now.

Sorry for being silly and sorry if there are spelling mistakes I am on my phone
First, congratulations on quitting smoking! That's a huge accomplishment:). Dentists these days aren't judgemental. Most just want to help you . And dental procedures are painless nowadays also. Try to get through the first appointment which will just be a checkup. You'll be able to tell if you like the dentist and the atmosphere there or not.Remember , the choice is always yours. You are paying him. Good luck!
Thank you I am 5 and a half years smoke free, quitting smoking is a massive mind game process and so is this but I still can't control it right now
Congrats on setting up that appointment! I know how hard it can be to make that first step. Just take it slow and only do what you're comfortable with, whether that's xrays, a cleaning, or even just having the dentist look in your mouth with a mirror. As lillyh said, you're in control and you always have choice about how to proceed.

Would it help to write out a list of your fears, questions and concerns to bring up with the dentist? I'm doing that for my upcoming orthodontist consultation, and I think it's helping me feel a little more in control of the situation, as I don't have to worry about my mind going blank at the appointment when I really want the orthodontist to understand my situation and where I'm coming from so I'll be more at ease. Just a thought...

Good luck at your appointment! :)