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teeth being taken out in a few days, nervous!!



Junior member
Mar 1, 2012
north east UK
I've had problems with my teeth since i was about 9, and 10 years later i've finally realised i HAVE to do something about it, as I'm always in pain and having to take antibiotics for abscess's. A few are being taken out in a few days, and I'm having iv sedation. Was hoping someone who has perhaps had a similar experience might give me some words of encouragement because i'm terrified!!
Hi Hannah. :welcome:

First off, well done for having the courage to make this appointment!

Have a browse through the Stories section:

There a quite a number of stories by people who've had extractions under IV sedation, describing how they were terrified beforehand, and found the experience absolutely fine! Hopefully reading a few of those will help to calm your nerves a bit.

I have had a few appointments under IV sedation myself, and I thoroughly recommend it! :) Some people find they remember nothing of their treatment, whereas others - including myself - have varying degrees of memory of what happened. But even then, it makes an hour feel like about five minutes! Mostly, in the parts I remember, I felt sleepy, and like I didn't really care what was going on. There's some more information about it here:


I'm sure you will be fine. Think about how great it will be not to be in pain any more, and how fantastic you'll feeling knowing it's all done, and that it's all because you made it happen!

All the best; let us know how it goes. :XXLhug:
Good luck I hope all goes well for you, do let us know.xxx:thumbsup:
I can't add anything much more helpful really than Pianimo already has. Just to say, keep your eye on the prize at the end, the relief, the healthier you ! The actual procedure of having the extractions is a blink of an eye (in terms of time) compared to the years ahead of you where you won't suffer pain and infection any more.
thankyou for the advice everyone and being so kind! i'll be thinking about what you said to help me get through it. and i'll let you all know how it goes, thankyou again! :grouphug: xxxx
When is your appointment Hannah ?
its at 1:30 tuesday,so only another day to go. i can't get it off my mind!
Hiiyer, I have an appointment Tuesday as well, but it is before yours. (I'm not having major things done this time) I can understand why it is all you can think about at the moment, this massive brick wall suspended in time ahead of you. The fear is all-consuming isn't it...before my one wisdom extraction I couldn't eat for days, couldn't sleep and felt ill. I tell you what though, once it was over I recall sitting at home thinking.....oh right....that was it....er...... and then I realised that the fear beforehand was so so so much bigger than the actual event.
that's exactly what i'm like right now. i have no appetite at all really :( it's silly really because i'm not sure what it is i'm so scared of! but hopefully this time tomorrow it'll be all done. so have you had IV sedation before? hope your appointment tomorrow goes well :)
That's it, think ahead to 'this time tomorrow', because there will be a 'this time tomorrow' and you will have done it and not have to worry about it any more. The weight lifting from you will be enormous !! :)

I'm sorry I have no experience of sedation; I have a fear of medication in general and so to me that would be more of a nightmare than I feel at present. I have only just about overcome having local anaesthetic injections.
Not sure if I caught you in time. But I had IV sedation for my wisdom teeth removal and I can honestly say it is the BEST decision I've ever made. That's coming from someone with no prior experience with sedation and a general fear of being "put under" any type of anesthesia. It makes things so easy and stress-free. You go to sleep, they do what they need to do, and you wake up and go home to sleep it off. The sedation is the way to go for big things like extractions in my opinion. If I had more extractions, I'd opt to use the sedation again. There is no stress during the appointment at all and you wake up feeling a little "groggy" but it didn't make me nauseous or anything. I just felt like I had been in a deep sleep for a really long time and didn't want to get up. Honestly, I do have some memories of the procedure...because from what I understand it's more like a 'twilight' sleep than being totally out I was never scared or worried about what was going on...I was completely numb...I just really didn't care what was happening. Which is not characteristic of me at all! Let us know how you get on! You'll be fine and probably glad you opted for the sedation when everything is said and done! Best of luck!
Just wanted to say all the best for your appointment today Hannah. Hope you've been able to eat something and get some sleep. Really hope it goes well for you. But take it from someone who's had it, with the IV sedation, you should be fine!

Just think about it like this - you know you're all anxious and scared and worked up right now? Well, you've actually got the perfect remedy planned for today - your appointment! (Ok, you may be thinking I'm nuts at this point o_O, but hear me out!) First, they're going to do for you what you can't really do for yourself at the moment - enable you to relax! When they give you the sedation, you're pretty much immediately going to completely feel drowsy and chilled out. :cool: Then, next thing you know, it will all be over, and the appointment won't be there to worry about any more! See - perfect solution! ;)

In all seriousness, I know you're scared now, but you can do it! It's this anicitpation that's the worst part, and that's nearly over now! Thinking of you. :XXLhug:
i did it!:jump: it was exactly like you all said it would be. i don't remember anything much at all. little parts of things but it wasn't anything unpleasant. i'm soooo glad i got it done! they only took four out, so there's still more to be removed, but hopefully it won't scare me so much next time!
the only thing that is bothering me, is that it won't stop bleeding :/
thank you to everyone who posted things to me, it really did help and you're all such lovely people!!
Is it just a little bit of blood, did you get an aftercare pack?

CONGRATULATIONS :jump: :jump: :jump:

I am so pleased for you.
How GOOD do you feel now !!!!

You did so well, really really well, what a superstar. :cloud9:

I had a little blood for the first 12 hours ffrom my one taken out....how much is it bleeding ?
pretty much none stop, it's pretty bad. dunno what to do!
Have you got an aftercare pack if you have take the gauze roll and put it the gap, you should have enough to cover where the teeth were extracted. If you haven't make a roll out of Kitchen roll or a cotton hankie slightly damp it so it doesn't stick and put it in the gap where the teeth have been removed and bite hard the way the dentist told you to. Do you remember doing that at the dentist.
the bleeding has stopped a little bit now, which is good. i actually went to A&E about an hour ago, and they gave me some pads to bite on. i don't remember being given one at the dentist, but if it's still bleeding loads in the morning then i'll go and see my dentist.
i wish i hadn't worried so much now, it wasn't anything bad really! i just keep getting told by my parents and fiance all the funny things i said and did ;D thankyou all again! xxxxxxxxxxx!
I am pleased you had someone with you, and that they were able to take you to A&E. I hope things have settled more for you today, try get some rest and I hope you feel better and heal well.

Get well soon. :XXLhug:
thankyou :) i'm much better today, it's sore and swollen but the bleeding did eventually stop. i was a bit sick though but i think that might've been from tasting the blood and the stress of the whole thing! i had a nice lie in today, and i need to try and eat something soon, just not sure what! xxx