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Teeth grinding after all uppers extracted in hospital



Junior member
Dec 18, 2011

I am planning on having all my upper teeth removed at once, which will be done in the hospital. I grind my teeth quite badly and asked the dentist who will do the surgery, about this problem after the teeth are removed. He said that the grinding will stop, but I am not sure about this. I am worried about the lower jaw continuing the grinding on the bare gums at night.

Can anyone help me with the answer to this? Do people stop grinding when a complete set of upper teeth are removed? I would think that the lower teeth need to come out too, for the grinding to stop.


You might continue to grind with your dentures I have patients who rapidly wear down denture teeth.
Thanks for responding CD.

A couple of questions, please.

Do you have patienrts who DO stop grinding, when they remove their teeth and get dentures?

Are people more likely to stop grinding if the bottom teeth are removed, as opposed to only the top removed?

My dentist said that dentures should not be warn at night. Could it be possible that wearing the dentures at night could cause the grinding to continue?

I find the possibility of grinding after the teeth are removed to be particularly scary, expecially during the healing process. How does one deal with this period?

Hope to hear from you soon CD. Or anyone else who can help as well.

Thank You.