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Teeth issues and freaking myself out



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Sep 16, 2021
United States
Hello..so basically I've had a fear of dentists my whole life. Then I had a hygienist who flossed roughly and cut the corners of my mouth. She wasn't very nice either for and seemed indifferent to my suffering. Anyway I had poor oral hygiene my whole life and probably sometime after high school stopped seeing the dentist as soften. My last cleaning was i think in 2017 when I had a deep cleaning and the guy said I had gingivitis and pockets of 5mm or something and advised to get a waterpik(which never got..). Anyway my bottom front teeth felt loose after and I foolishly didn't keep up with cleaning after.

Fast forward to today I had a tooth ache maybe on the 5th? So that prompted to me start brushing/flossing regularly and while my gums do seem pinker now and don't bleed as much my same front lower teeth have felt loose for like 5 days. But still felt weird after the 'looseness' sorta felt better. But like 2 days ago I broke through some tartar or something between those two front teeth and they felt loose again and started bleeding more. So last night I tried wiggling them and one actually visibly wiggled a tiny bit, but then the tooth got painful(It's the bottom front central tooth that doesn't have the receded gum). Pain is mostly gone now. Now I'm freaking out that I'll have to get the teeth removed or I'll have severe periodontitis or something. My gums on my lower front teeth are very very thin and you can see the roots..but its not that obvious unless you look near the bottom. I know I shouldn't wiggle them but it was REALLY bothering me. Noticed was also clenching my jaw a lot yesterday. And now my buck teeth are digging into my bottom lip and i think its swollen now... can't help but wonder if I'm just blowing things more out of proportion. I'm so scared to go to the dentist to hear the worst, but I know I need to go ASAP...but probably wont be for a month anyway since no dental insurance.

Help. My teeth's issues have been consuming my mind for ~10-11 days now when I started brushing/flossing again.

Here's a picture
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Any chance you could rephrase that to clarify what you're asking? I can't make out what your question is.
Sorry. Should my gums heal if I give it more time/should I worry about my tooth wiggling? And should I be okay to wait that month to see a dentist? Thanks.
Since I've not got a lot of background info, here's my best guesses.

You have a small issue around that lower incisor in the photo, needs further investigation. You need to be shown how to properly clean around the area to maintain it, it won't get better on its own. You're not going to lose the tooth anytime in the next decade so don't panic about it, but it needs looking at.

All teeth are slightly loose if wiggled, they're designed that way to cope with the stress of chewing. So without knowing how much movement you're talking about it's hard to say.
Thank you. Yes that tooth was where so had a filling for a city 7 years ago and its looking a bit gross now. I have read about tooth mobility and noe that I checked it seemed all those small teeth move the same amount. I think I was just overly worried thanks. Movement about 1mm I'd say. Maybe less