Teeth moving - and now one feels loose?



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Feb 6, 2021

I've been trying to overcome my anxiety and reduce my clenching and grinding. I made an appointment for Friday next week for a check because I have been having a lot of pain.
Now I was checking my teeth and stupidly, I started checking whether they were fixed. And all but one were. I put my index finger and thumb around the tooth and pressed back and forth. I felt it move (it clicked harder than the usual tooth clicking I know, and it felt off for a little second), and it was a bit painful. Did I manage to luxate my tooth? Is this a sign for something really bad? I am so scared of losing it. What if I damaged the nerve by pushing it? I am shaking rn. It has 0 fillings. I had braces as a teenager.
It's the side I was having bruxism issues on these past two weeks. The tooth itself has moved in the past few years and is now a bit slanted towards the inside. Is this an a dental emergency or is my appointment next Friday (not tomorrow, next week) enough? I am so scared, please help me.
I'm crying because I don't know if this means bad news. The one next to it hurts when I bite on it too much because of the bruxism.

I have been trying relaxation methods. But I am just so scared and I can barely sleep and I'm so tense and now this! Can please anybody explain?


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Dec 7, 2008
Hi AnxietyHannah,

You cannot loosen a healthy tooth or damage it's nerve by pressing it with your finger.
If a tooth is taking a heavy load due to grinding, it can move a little more than the adjacent teeth. This may well be what is happening and it it is not something really bad and does not require an emergency appointment.
Of course, all the worry will be adding to your stress and making your bruxism worse, but this should improve when your stress levels ease.
I am confident you will not have bad news next Friday.
Best wishes