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Junior member
Feb 22, 2024
Hello I have bad teeth always have had them

I have gum boils above teeth upper left
I believe I have an abscess but I have no pain in any tooth

I’ve had this for years
I’m affard I’ve waited to long and it’s going to spread to my brain or heart and I’ll die

I have a phobia of the dentist haven’t been in years
Hi @Powell87, this question comes up on a very regular basis and has been answered many times before :) (I thought I'd get a reply in before @Gordon starts tearing his hair out lol). Please have a look at our FAQs here:

If you do get severe pain and swelling, you can get antibiotics from a doctor or ER (if seeing a dentist is out of the question).

Of course, tackling the problem teeth would be a much better option if the long run. You are very welcome to post in the Support section if you're looking for help with seeing a dentist!