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Temperature Sensitivity Almost Five Weeks After Filling - Should I be panicking or am I overreacting?



Junior member
Apr 7, 2021
Virginia, USA
On Mar 2 I got two fillings, the first I've ever had (it was quite embarrassing because I felt like I'd been a bad patient, but my dentist told me my molars are shaped with very deep grooves and I'm much more prone to cavities, despite my efforts) and one of them was much deeper than expected. I would say only one of the "corners" of it remained its natural height, and the filling took a long time to complete.

After the filling, I followed their advice and have been using an electric toothbrush, sensitive toothpaste (for the last few days, not the month) and flossing 2x daily, mouth washing 2x daily as well. Problem is, I've noticed my back tooth seems temperature-sensitive again. I drank coffee tonight, only slightly hotter than normal and now it feels like a dull, throbbing pain. I called and left a message about it because I was told 2-4 weeks of sensitivity was normal and I'm only slightly over that limit, but I'm panicking and dunno if I should be.
No need to panic, the tooth just needs a bit of further investigation.
No need to panic, the tooth just needs a bit of further investigation.
Thanks! My dentist's office got back to me and said because I'm so close to the healing period, I should keep an eye on it and if need be they'll refer me to an endodontist. They also brought up my TMJ and teeth grinding issues I have which would contribute to sensitivity. I'm hoping all goes well, but I AM definitely considering getting a mouth guard for nighttime.

I know the dentist's office can make them, but I'm also concerned about cost and effectiveness. Have you experienced clients whose DIY mouthguard (boil at home) was ineffective? Thanks again for all your help. This has been so anxiety inducing.
DIY guards aren't great but can be used as a sort of diagnostic device, if you use one and things get better, then it's probably worth getting a proper one made.
Gotcha, thank you! If they don't call me today I'm going to call tomorrow and ask for a follow-up. I avoided the temperature sensitivity by drinking with a metal straw, but when anything too hot/cold got near, that throbbing pain came back. :cry: I dunno what this means in terms of pulpitis and reversibility, but hopefully, I don't need to be referred to an endodontist.
That honestly doesn't sound great, definitely give them a call.
Just did, got referred to an endodontist. Ugh, this is not fun. I know I've got a bit of a history with dry mouth and deep, deep grooves in my molars but yikes. I never drink soda and follow my steps, so I was hoping I'd avoid this. Is there any chance this isn't my fault? I won't be mad if the answer is no, I'm just so surprised this happened.
Grinding can cause pulps to die off, there's some argument amongst dentists as to the reason, but it does happen. A combination of that plus unfavourable anatomy would not help. So no, it's not all your fault :)
Oh, I definitely have a teeth-grinding problem. And I'm on two medications that cause dry mouth. Bummer this happened, but thanks. It's really helping me cope with it. I've got my exam booked for about a week from today! :)
Hopefully it's nothing too serious and an easy fix. :thumbsup: