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Temperature sensitivity and dull pain after double extraction



Junior member
Oct 17, 2013
It has been 2 weeks since I had both wisdom teeth removed on my left side (top one was going bad, bottom one highly impacted).

I followed all the instructions for the 1st week after the work was done. The pain lowered to the point where I got off the percocets and was taking Naproxen occasionally if the pain flared up.

The past few days the pain has increased for the upper extraction point. I cannot localize the pain to either the tooth or the extraction point, but the common factor is temperature sensitivity to cold, and intermittent dull pain. The pain however, is usually quickly removed by taking the naproxen. I have no bite sensitivity or touch sensitivity around the tooth. The pain also raidiates to the cheekbone. It is not usually debilitating, but it is annoying. I am on a naproxen basically once a day.

The lower extraction seems to be a food trap right now, but I am handling that via saltwater rinsing after meals.

Should I be concerned to go back to either the oral surgeon who did the extraction, or my regular dentist if the other tooth is going? My jaw also still isnt opening all the way, but it is getting better.

Also, there is no bleeding anymore, and no visible external swelling remaining.
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

All sounds normal but if you are worried do contact the os that removed the wisdom teeth, they can take a look and best advice you. :butterfly: