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Temporary cap/crown fell out - some pain ): what to do?!



Junior member
Apr 25, 2011
I got a temporary cap put in about... 4 days ago i think.. (I try to block all dentist-related memories out of my head!) and it fell out later that afternoon! ): I thought it would be fine, and my dentist hadn't said anything like, 'if it falls out book an appointment' so i assumed it would be ok. But it's starting to throb a wee bit now :/ Does it matter that it hasn't had a cap on it for a few days? My next appointment is in four days and I don't really have any spare time to go back to the dentist, even if i did have the next four days off, i'd rather not go!!

Anyone had a similar experience? I've been keeping the tooth clean, I just hope it doesn't get infected. Actually, I don't see how it could be sore as it had root treatment on it ages ago so it shouldn't hurt, should it?! :( Also, I think I swallowed the cap while eating, even though it was just bread and i chewed on the other side! I didn't even notice it falling off...
U should call the dentist for a new appt as the tooth can move sometimes and the crown would not fit.
Bread can be kinda sticky. Did you find the cap? If so, you can try temporary cement like CapIt or Dent-tec found in most pharmacies. Even a bit of denture cream like fixadent can work. Otherwise I would just call and let the dentist know until you can get back. I doubt your tooth will move in 4 days. ......