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Temporary crown fell off root canal tooth



Junior member
Jun 11, 2022
Looking for advice please. Just had a temporary crown fall off a root canal top molar. I literally went back to dentist Wednesday for the permanent crown preparation. I managed to keep it on 2 months, but now it’s been taken off and refitted literally in 2 days came off. It’s Friday night so dentist closed for weekend, should I get the temp stuck back on or wait until perm is put on in couple of weeks. Right now I don’t feel I want to eat brush around it or drink anything other than water as worried I’m going to damage the root canal led tooth. What would you all advise me to do. On the other side top I’m also waiting for my perm implant crown to go on. So both sides of mouth compromised at same time which isn’t great.
Get it stuck back on on Monday. It won't do any harm for a couple of days, 2 weeks is long enough that the tooth might drift a bit out of position and the crown won't match your bite so well.
Fine to eat, drink and brush in the area, you won't do any harm.
Thanks Gordon for reassuring me, it’s such a tiny tooth without temp crown on, I was really fretting about damaging it.