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Temporary crown question



Jul 20, 2022
Los Angeles
Hi all. So happy I found this forum. I used the search to look up some info but didn’t find anything pertinent to me. I am so fearful of the dentist!

So I went to get 2 crowns side by side done last week Tuesday (it’s been one week and one day). Permanent crown is due to be placed next week. Previous crown treatments left me fine with the temporary on the tooth, no lingering pain etc.

However, the last few days I’ve had discomfort/bit of pain. I went in last Friday bc I thought it was gum issues, to which he said since it had only been 4 days - was too soon to tell (at that time, I figured my gum were the issues) - he said they did have to shave down the back gum a bit. He said it needs some time to heal and keep up with salt water rinses. Never did he say that my previous large filling was deep enough to maybe need a RC (which he mentioned before on another tooth some years ago).

Anyway they are closed today and I am terrified that they will say I need a RC. The pain woke me up last night, it’s not excruciating but it’s enough discomfort where I’ve been taking ibuprofen. With my anxiety about my teeth, I’ve lost appetite etc. Google isn’t great but I did read some dentists saying that sometimes the nerve needs time to settle down. These are the back two lower right teeth. So I guess my question is: is this common? Is a Rc able to be seen on x ray?

I appreciate the space to vent bc I’m scared and so nervous and obviously can’t stop thinking about it :(
sometimes the nerve needs time to settle down
Yes it does, a crown prep is quite a traumatic event for the nerve in the tooth.
It's far too early for a possible need for a root canal to show up on an x-ray.
Thank you for the reply, Gordon. If it’s too early and with the pain - is it best to keep trying the ibuprofen for now? I will be phoning the dentists office today and hopefully will be able to speak with him later about best course forward. Very scared
If the ibuprofen manages the pain for you then I'd probably give it a little bit longer.