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Temporary Crowns vs. Permanent Crown



Junior member
Dec 5, 2010
Okay, so today I had two teeth prepared for crowns and now have temporary crowns on.

The aftercare paperwork they sent home with me says: "the color, shape and size do not in any way resemble the permanent crown"

Which is really good, because I do not like the way these temporary crowns look or feel, especially at the gumline. Simply put, they do not look natural, and clearly look fake.

So my question is... Will the permanent crowns look the same (as the temporary crowns do) at the gumline? Please tell me I didn't just have $1,800 worth of work done only to end up with two fake looking teeth. I really hate that I can see and feel a line at the gumline, especially because one of these crowns is on a front tooth :cry:
No, they should look miles better.
Thanks Gordon, that puts my mind at ease :)