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Temporary crowns



May 29, 2019
Good evening,
I have two dental crowns (temporary crowns) that were placed last week. The teeth were previously root canaled and the crowns needed replacement after 7 years. I am due for final crown delivery in mid September. I am terrified of the temporary crowns falling out. I am flossing very carefully by pulling the floss through gently and not chewing on that side but I am so very scared.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance!
You're doing all you can.

No need for terror though, if a temp comes off it's 1: easy to stick back on again and 2: absolutely not going to hurt you or cause any problems later on.

If they're in a very visible location and would cause embarrassment if they come out then buy a small tube of denture adhesive to temporarily stick them in.
Thanks for your reply. I’m scared of choking on a dental crown.
Thanks for your reply. I’m scared of choking on a dental crown.

I see how this thought can arise, but it’s hardly possible in practice. The mouth is such a sensitive body part, you would immediately notice that something is off even if it got just slightly mobile.