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Temporary dentures 1-2 weeks after extractions - IS THIS POSSIBLE?



Junior member
Oct 2, 2017
Hi, My teeth were so damaged, loose and infected it would have been impossible for me to have molds taken before the oral surgery to remove the teeth.

All of my remaining upper teeth were removed last week and tomorrow all of the bottom come out. They wanted my teeth out asap and there was no time to wait (plus all this is happening to be cleared for total hip replacement surgery.)

So... I had no way to be fitted for temporary dentures. I'm hearing it's best to wait 6 months for permanent dentures. OK I'm willing to but couldn't I be fit for temporary ones while I wait, even if they didn't fit that great? Or can I be fitted for permanent dentures 6-8 weeks following surgical removal of my teeth instead of waiting 6 months?

I really don't know what to do. I can't imagine having no teeth for 6 months. What are my best options at this point? Thank you for your help!
Hi there, I'm going to try and bump this thread as I'd desperately like to know the answer too as I'm in a similar situation. Ive been told I can't have immediates due to poor state of my gums etc but cannot contemplate so long with no teeth like you. I know its all my own fault but this seems too much to bear!

Anyone out there who can answer?
I had two out in September, immediate dentures that day and am to go back 12weeks after for further impressions and new ones fitted once my gums have settled.
I had to go back six days after extraction as the fit was so poor and he did another set of impressions that day.
Sure a dentist may have a different opinion but i don't see why you can't have something fitted even if a coupe of weeks later.