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Temporary filling, RCT, extraction



Junior member
Dec 6, 2020
Back in March I had a temporary filling on a tooth that turned out to be dead. My dentist said I'll need to do an RCT.
Due to all the COVID stuff, I walked with that filling until the end of October. When the dentist removed the filling, it started to bleed, so he suggested to leave it for a while open.
I missed my appointment in November, and walked with an open tooth now until this week.
This week, my dentist put some medicine in my tooth and put another temporary filling. Though the tooth was dead, I felt some pain, I guess, it was inflammation... Probably I got it during November.
The dentist said, that if I feel sick, get fever or if my cheek will swell I should call him. He also said to cross fingers, so that we won't need to extract the tooth when I come, hopefully, for RCT in 2 weeks. Luckily, after 4-5 days I'm feeling okay, aside from some random odd feeling in that tooth. I'm not sure what it is.
I'm really concerned and scared of tooth extraction. Since I still feel something, does it mean the inflammation is still there, and extraction is inevitable?
No, extraction is not inevitable. The root treatment is slightly less likely to be successful because of a lot of contamination due to the tooth being open for so long, but it's still very likely to work fine.