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Temporary fillings - how long can/should they last



Junior member
Feb 12, 2007
I have a huge temporary filling on a bottom molar. For various reasons, (see my other post if you really would like to know ;D) it's been there for about six years - well, every so often it breaks and I get a new one. I think I've had about four over the six years. The tooth needs crowning apparently but has been healthy so far.

My question is, is there any harm in this? It doesn't hurt - the tooth or having the filling put in! Obviously these are meant to be 'temporary' - hence the name - but they seem pretty robust to me! Apart from the fact that metal fillings last a lot longer, are they any better?
Re: Temporary fillings - how long can/should they

i have had one of my temp fillings in after an rct for about 4 months it has been ok and i had the perm one in last wk. the only prob i had with it as it mildly hurt but as soon as i had the perm one in it seemed better not sure if a coincidence or not?
im not positive but think that temp fillings are just that temperary and made out of different stuff so would think permernant ones are better. mine is a front tooth so i have a composite in it. my hubby also had one after an rct from the emergency dentist and kept putting off going to get a permanent one(cost though) as hes not scared and his lasted about 3 months then he got an abcess so now has his permant one and its much better.
are you worried about getting the permanant one? i can honestly say it doesnt hurt anymore than oridinary fillings . i have the guiness world record for rcts ;D so i can promise you its ok.
hope thats some help :)
Re: Temporary fillings - how long can/should they

Temp ones tend to leak so there can be a lot of decay underneath if you leave them in too long. They also wear a lot faster which over time can encourage the opposite tooth to over-erupt out of its socket, which can cause problems with the bite over time.
Re: Temporary fillings - how long can/should they

Thanks, harper and Gordon. That's very useful info :)