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temps keep falling out



Oct 6, 2018
Please tell me someone can relate!? I have all temp crowns in and the front 6 unit temp (waiting for permanent ones). They were fine for over 2 weeks, then last week they were taken out to do impressions for the final ones. Now the top unit has fallen out twice. Im about 3 weeks away from getting my final ones but am freaking out it will happen again. Any advice?

aghh. I so hear you , it is quite unnerving to have temps fall out. and not know when it will happen and just kind of "walking on eggshells" so to say with temps hoping they will make it but could come out any minute.. I"ve had a few too many over the years come out and scare me, in the middle of the night, while I'm eating, just randomly. My old dentist used to give me part permanent cement to put in the temps so they would stay stronger.. I realize they can't do that all the time and it takes a little to get it off.. but he would do just enough to help it stay on a little better for my peace of mind. Maybe you can ask about this method.?
Sorry they didn’t stay on for you either. It’s so unnerving. Usually they feel a little wobbly which is a good indicator they are coming off. I just am so nervous that they will fall off when I’m talking to someone at work. I’m trying so hard to keep it a secret that my teeth are crowned.