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Terrible experience at dentist - Not sure what to do?



Junior member
Jun 13, 2023
United Kingdom

I posted on here a few days ago regarding an abscess I thought I had. Thank you again @Gordon for the advice.

Long story short, my first molar on the right side is broken and has been for a while. When I’ve been to the dentist, they’ve offered root canal or extraction. I’ve always been scared of either option due to fear and of course… cost! Especially with the cost of a crown that I just simply cannot afford (£300+)

So, my canine tooth started to hurt. Not a lot but there was swelling. A few people here said it was an ulcer,

Anyway, finally plucked up courage to go to emergency dentist yesterday, and they didn’t say anything about the other teeth, just put something that looks like chewing gum in my broken tooth? The reason I had a terrible experience was when they numbed my mouth, I started to panic because the feeling felt horrible and I felt like it was touching my tonsils so I was sick. Had to go outside and calm down before continuing.

Anyway, after they had treated the broken tooth, the dentist said I’d already had root canal on the tooth. But? I haven’t? I last went to a dentist 1 year ago and that’s when they offered root canal on the tooth. I told them this but he said I have had it done, but. They never took x-rays.

Anyway, my main worry is these 3 teeth (I’ve attached photos). They’ve been hurting a little in the past 2 weeks. The canine had swelling under it and the others have gone a little darker. Not sure if this is to do with the fact I vape?

I have 0 idea what to do. I really feel I face an abscess and all these teeth are going to have to come out.

I’ve attached photos. I know my teeth are in awful condition but I don’t know where to turn. Should I visit another NHS emergency dentist & ask for an X-Ray?

Thank you and sorry about the long post.

1st photo - broken tooth 2 months ago (notice teeth are whiter) I’ve had a temporary filling put there in past which I think is what’s in the middle.
2nd photo/3rd photo - tonight



You need to make an appointment for a regular examination. Not an emergency one, then take if from there. Emergency appointments are usually shoved in between other appointments and are a bit rushed.
You have clearly got heavy staining and tartar (calculus) on those teeth, no big deal and easily removed. In previous photos you had a small cavity on the neck of the tooth behind the canine, the ulcer looks to be about healed now btw. No idea what's going on with the molar, but if it's not hurting it'll be OK for a while.

I had my lower right first molar removed before. I say removed… they couldn’t do it all as it was very infected, so I’m being referred to the hospital to have the rest taken out with sedation.

They put like a cotton wool ball in my mouth. Now it’s too bloody so I’ve taken it out. However, I have cotton wool myself so put a fresh one in as it’s still bleeding. It’s been around 3 hours since I had it done.

My Q’s are…

1. How long does the bleeding last?
2. Will there be tons of pain? Dentist advised me to take painkillers
3. How long does it take to be referred to hospital?

I’m really confused as it looks as though they’ve taken off the top of the tooth and like the bottom is still on the gum if that makes sense? Thanks for reading :)

I’ve attached a before and after


@Gordon sorry to keep tagging - just you’ve given me really good advice thus far!
Don't worry about tagging, I read this forum daily anyway, the other dentists will chip in if they think it appropriate, but I have more time on my hands being retired... :)

1) It should stop fairly quickly in most people. I think there are some advice areas on here on managing bleeding... https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/faq/healing/ in your photo it looks more like saliva washing the clot away, which looks worse than it is
2) No, doesn't look like it'll be painful
3) Don't want to depress you but it can take months or longer. Depends where you live?