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Terrible Experience at Orthodontist



Junior member
Jul 26, 2007
Hey I've just joined!

I went to have my brace removed today, which I've been dreading ever since it went on, that was bad enough!

I usually have my appointments in a room with only me in it, but today I walked in any to my horror, there were two chairs in the room with another patient being treated. I knew I was going to find the procedure difficult and I explained to my orthodontist that I'm uncomfortable with there being another patient in the room as I was already scared. She simply said 'Don't start messing around or being rude, I cannot be bothered with you today, my back hurts. Do you want them off or not because otherwise you can just leave'. Great, I've started to shake and cry before I've even got into the chair. Not only had she upset me and made me more on edge, she had humiliated me infront of others.

When my mum came in, she acted nice as pie, as usual. I managed to get my brace off as I felt I didn't want her to win. She told my mum she was not going to stand for my 'antics'.

I've only just calmed down an hour and a half later. I feel humiliated, upset and angry at the treatment I have recieved. Am I on the right grounds to complain? She's treated me for a good few years so she does know that I'm a 'bad patient' but refuses to make the experience any better for me. I don't go there to give her a hard time, I always try to walk in with a positive attitude to get it all done asap and she's rude to me.

Just needing some support and advice really, I'm terrified of my next visit!

Thanks in advance
I really feel for you. There's never any excuse for a professional to treat you in that manner. Even if she was having an off day she shouldn't have spoken to you like that. You should feel so proud of yourself that you actually stayed and had the braces taken off.
I really think that you (or your mother, or both of you) should make a complaint and/or find another dental surgery where they have more compassion and empathy for their patients. :grouphug:
That's horrid of her. Loads of people are scared of seeing the Orthodontist.

I'm very suprised there was another patient having treatment in the same room.
I too would have felt very uncomfortable having another patient with me.

Have you told your Mum what she said to you ? Personally i think that's very unprofessional of your Dentist.

Also being scared of the Dentist,does not make u a 'bad patient' !

I would complain about her. To say "i can not be botherd with you today" is seriously unprofessional. :o

Thanks for your replies.

Yes I explained to my Mum and she's not happy either, she's a nurse and understands how to help people who are scared and bring them to their best, therefore noticing how unprofessional the dentist was.

I'll have to make a complaint, so that something can be done so that others like myself are not treated the same way.