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Terrible jaw pain when I eat



Junior member
Jun 12, 2014
I had a dental appointment 2 weeks ago,I had 4 injections and I had 3 fillings and a deep clean on my top teeth,it was traumatising! Anyway a couple of days before my appointment I noticed my right side jawline at the bottom corner(the almost right angle but of the jaw) hurts when I eat, since the dental appointment the pain is terrible, it's mostly when I eat, and it feels muscular if that's makes sense? I'm terrified of going back to the dentists and just don't know what I can do to help myself :(
Hi danni1979, sadly no idea what is going on with your jaw, hope our forum dentists reply soon, but so sorry to read your treatment was traumatizing and you are terrified to go back. Ideally a successfull treatment should make you more confident of going back if you need to, not traumatize you further :(
Thankyou for your reply. I've been terrified if the dentist since I had a horirbel time when I was 7 so it was a massive deal to go this time, the dentists wasn't very understanding and kept getting impatient with me because I had to have breaks and because I was saying ow!!! So I'd really like not to go back if I can possibly help it but this pain is horrible, it's so weird because it's only when I eat!!
It's your jaw joint having a moan because you had your mouth open for a longer time and wider than usual.
Try some heat or ice packs on the area for a couple of days, don't stretch your jaw too much when you're eating or yawning and see if it settles down again.
If it's still there after 48hrs go back to your dentist.
In link with what Gordon said, be mindful of what you eat. The harder it is to chew, the more stress you put on the jaw joint and harder it is for it to settle down again.

A dentist once told me if you sprain your ankle, you are very careful when walking and you slowly go back to your regular walking and/or running. It should be the same thing with your jaw.
Just wanted to give you guys an update, I did go back to the dentist(go me!!) to which she told me it was a salivary gland problem! Got in with the Dr's and they agreed, it appears my parotid gland has a blockage??

Glad you got an answer!! Did they give you any solutions to it?
Did it ever get better?
Nope, it's now a Permanent swelling but still painful, went to Dr's in Dec and they advised I wait a while to see if it goes down on its own, it hasn't and I've now been referred to the hospital
Ouch. So sorry... hope the hospital can fix it for you!