Terrible oral surgeon experience left with painful gums-



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Apr 16, 2021
My husband had to have two upper teeth extracted that were causing him pain for months. The oral surgery place only does extractions and implants. He went there per friend recommendation since we are in the process of looking for a good dentist who takes insurance. My husband was on Amox/Clav for weeks prioir to the surgery because he has an artificial knee and had to wait for an appointment and had to be sure it was not infected. After about 48 hours after the extractions he developed very painful burning gums and tongue along with a few white spots and fever. Also an acid taste that goes down into the throat and causes some congestion at times. He went back to the oral sugeon and was given Chlorhexedrine rinse and a gel that cannot be ingested. Said he is a slow healer and that nothing they did there caused his problem. To go see his doctor. His doctor placed him on Zithromax and the fever went away just yesterday but the gums seem worse and he cannot eat or drink. He is using warm water and salt rinses now but very anxious about this. No one seems to know what this is and he is very leery of going to any dentist after this but needs treatment for relief and at least a diagnosis. He has always had gum issues from acidic saliva but never anything like this. Brushes and flosses meticulously. We are really upset and don't know what to do. It is scary to have any further trauma from dental work and he will need lots of it in the future. In the midst of all this he went for a rapid Covid test and it came out positive. But because he had the gum problem when he went he is thinking it is a false positive. The problem is no dentist will look at him with a positive test. He will have to get retested now that the fever is gone.


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Oct 25, 2005
I must be a bit slow today, I'm not really seeing a question?

The white patch on his gum looks like a small ulcer, should heal in a week or so.

The other symptoms could be thrush from the amount of antibiotics he's been taking? Hard to say without looking.