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terrible taste in mouth after bone graft



Junior member
Dec 27, 2019
New Jersey
I had a large one grfat around ten teeth 5 days ago. For the past few days I have the absolute worst badbreath horrible taste in my mouth. I am not allowed to brush my top teeth for ten days but I have been using the rinse provided by the surgeon. I can ask the surgeon aout this but he is difficult to talk to so I am waiting to ask. Is this just a normal part of bone graft? I go back in ten days. He said they will take out the stitches and clean me up. I had breifly mentioned the bad taste in my two day follow up but all he said was use the rinse and they will clean me up in 2 weeks. Is this a normal part of a large one graft? It is a truly disgusting taste, some what salty but also just putrid. And I am not sure what to do.
Sorry, not my area of expertise. I'd phone the surgeon on Monday and ask them.