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terrified about deep cleaning!!



Apr 21, 2010
I am the biggest coward when it comes to the dentist, and I had full x-rays on Monday because I have decided I want to make sure I keep all of my teeth healthy. It took a lot for me to even get in the door but I did it. The dentist said I have 5 cavities (4 very small but one large that I should do soon before it turns into being a root canal) and that I need deep cleanings.
She wants me to have the deep cleanings first because she said it's better if my teeth are clean before she does the fillings for the cavities.
So I am having the deep cleaning done in two different appointments - one for the right side of my mouth, and then another one for the left side. Tomorrow I am having the one on the right side. I am terrified. She said I will be numb for this. How many injections will she have to do to make the whole right side of my mouth numb? Also can someone please tell me what is involved in the procedure. She said it will take about an hour. Is that correct? Will I feel a lot of pain during or after the procedure. Is there any chance I will gag or swallow any of the stuff they take off my teeth or on the tons of water? Is there any chance of infection from this? Sorry for all of the questions, but I am absolutely terrified and any advice will help!!
Thank you!
Hi there,
I have had this done a few times. Being numb, you will not feel a thing. I think when they did each side of my mouth I received 3-4 injections each time. Afterwards you may feel slightly sore but I really didn't. I had 12 years of junk on my teeth!
There is no chance to gag on the water or any of the stuff they take off your teeth as they use a suction the whole time they do the cleaning.
You will be amazed at how well your teeth look when you are though.

You will do just great!!!
Thank you for the reply. Honestly, I'm so scared that I'm in tears right now just thinking about the appointment. I hope the anticipation is worse than the actual appointment!
Oh gosh yes, the anticipation is so much worse than the appoinmment. I was in your shoes and I have a long journal on here if you want to read it. You will not feel a thing honestly. They really do give the procedure such a bad sounding name don't they? Instead of deep cleaning I consider it more of a thourough cleaning...a cleaning better than we can do at home.

Really try not to worry because all your worry is far worse than the cleaning...GUARANTEED :)
I've had a few deep cleanings done and my fear is more of being numbed so I had no numbing. It was occasionally uncomfortable and there was a pinch-y feeling, but it wasn't bad! I have a low theshold for pain, too. You can do it! I'll be sending good thoughts your way!
I have one more question regarding the deep cleaning. I have 4 or 5 cavities that need to be filled, but my dentist wants me to have the cleanings and then get the cavities filled. One of the cavities is large but the others aren't. Will the deep cleaning irritate that cavity and put me into more pain until it is filled?

P.S. I read your journal and I have to tell you that I actually cried (real tears) in some parts of it, and even though I do not know you, I am so proud of you!
No worries about the cavities...I had 9 that needed to be filled along with two teeth that were broken at the time. the deep cleaning did not affect them the least bit. In fact it cleaned out all of the decay already there to make the dentist's job that much easier when it came to fill them.

Bless you for reading my journal...it's long and winded ;D
That's good to know. I was worried that my cavities that already hurt are going to hurt even more after the cleaning! Are you sure they won't?
My appointment is in 2 hours and 15 minutes and I am freaking. I am reading way too much online about deep cleanings and I'm crying and so scared that I'm considering rescheduling my appointment because I don't know if I can do it!
On top of everything else my ipod broke this morning. I know this sounds stupid to be upset about but I don't know how I will get through the appointment without listening to music or something! I'm getting the whole right side of my mouth deep-cleaned (top and bottom) which she said will take about an hour. I know there are a lot of scraping sounds and such and I will have no music or anything to distract me. I'm really thinking about rescheduling for as early next week as they have open so that I can have my ipod fixed or replaced.
Hopefully you have made it to your appointment:thumbsup:
Saw this post a bit late...
I have never used an ipod during my appointments and I am a survivor. I know you can do this!!!!!
Sorry I didn't post after the appointment. I survived the appointment, and will post more detail about it later. However, this morning I am nervous all over again. I am going back in a little while to get the left side of my mouth deep cleaned (top and bottom.) Last week I did the right side.
I didn't think I would be as nervous this time, since I already went through this on the right side and know what to expect, but for some crazy reason I am just as nervous as I was last time.
Does that make any sense? I can't calm down and am just sooo scared that I'm trying not to try. I'm 38 years old and am acting like a 2-year-old.
If anyone is around, I could use some support.
HI there,
You did it last week and survived so this appointment will be just like the last appointment and you will have the same victory! You can do this! Think of how clean everything will be! :grouphug:
I can't think that way for some reason. My stomach is turning and I feel physically sick. All I want to do is call and cancel.
Trust me on this one..I feel the same way you do every single time I have to go for the same thing. Somehow I make myself go and I survive. I know you can do this as you proved it last week. What time is your appointment? For me the best thing I do is schedule the earliest appointment possible which gives me little time to think about it.
My appointment is 40 minutes, and I have to leave in about 10 minutes for it. I'm trying so hard not to call and cancel right now.
Ok only 10 minutes and you will be out the door! You can do this...I have every faith in you!!!
OK so I got through it. She said this side really wasn't too bad. The deep cleaning on the whole left side of my mouth only took about 30 minutes. The only bad thing that happened was some of the numbing gel and also water ran down my throat a little and I started gagging. But the hygenist (who told me she used to be a pediatric hygenist) was so patient and nice about it.
Now the next step is next Tuesday morning, when I will be going in to have two cavities filled...
Woo Hoo! I knew you could do it! You should be so proud of yourself on a job well done....
The gagging was the downside but you managed to get through it.
Well done.:jump:

Its logical to clean the teeth before you start working on them, if you think about it. The last thing you want is any bacteria or 'dirt' getting in to where you are having work done, that could lead to an infection. I know that the dentist will take every precaution to have things go smoothly, but its better to eliminate the source of a potential problem that to have to cure the result. Think of it as a surgeon scrubbing up before an operation.

Good luck with the fillings next week, although I'm sure you won't need it.
:jump: Well done, I hope you are very proud of yourself!