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Terrified about upcoming appointment.



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May 7, 2019
Hi all, I am due for an appointment on Wednesday with a dentist I have never been to, which is already spiking my anxiety, but even worse is the state my teeth are in. I posted here before with my whole story, but by now I am almost sure I suffer from periodontitis. My bite feels off, I feel like two of my teeth have receded, sometimes I have a local gum bleed and my teeth can get sensitive. My jaw is also getting tense.

I can't believe I've let this slip by unnoticed. I just had a birthday and I was so happy and now this whole mess. This is just not fair... I feel so dumb, I keep wanting this to be a nightmare and not real life. Worst of all: no one is taking me seriously. My relatives get pissy when I mention my teeth, with my mom saying her teeth are probably way worse. I get they don't like my complaining, but I'm just so worried and afraid. I can't sleep at night. I have diligently brushed my teeth, since having had dental work and braces and have never had issues with them up until now. I am too young to lose my teeth. I feel like I don't even want to go on, if my teeth are this bad. They're just so important, both for functionality and esthetics.

Could someone just...idk... reassure me a little before I go in for my life sentence of this terrible disease?

You can handle this. You have made it through difficult situations before; we all have. You are already doing the first right thing by articulating, here, what is going on.

Just keep posting here, as much as you need.
Deep breaths! :grouphug:
If you’re researching/Googling dental information that is not on this website, my first word of advice would be to stop. It will only scare you unnecessarily. The best thing you can do is turn off your thoughts about all of the possibilities until you know for sure what you are dealing with. Easier said than done, I know, but it would help to maybe distract yourself with something else until Wednesday. If you do in fact have periodontal issues, there are many things that can be done to heal the gums and reverse recession in the early stages. Don’t underestimate the body’s miraculous ability to heal with a little bit of help. Don’t think of this as possibly losing your teeth, think of it as doing all that you can to save them before it’s too late!
Kitkat’s Comment is great. I would also add you should try letting go of your past. What is done is done, you can’t change it. What you can do is see a dentist to have them help you and you have already taken care of this by getting an appointment. Only a dentist can tell you for sure what you have and how far things are.

Please allow me to share with you my website treatyourdentalfear.com which contains video about dental anxiety.
I believe in the ability to overcome this fear by finding a good dentist and establishing fruitful and trustful relationship. You are about to meet a dentist for the first time and that would be a great opportunity not only to hear “The verdict” about cavities and such but also to see whether you want to be treated by this specific dentist. If it does not feel right, please continue to search for one.
I recommend my video about fear of pain during a dental treatment. This video talks about hints and clues during the check up, before an actual treatment takes place, to know whether this dentist is good in preventing pain.
let us know how your appointment goes on Wednesday. Its really scary going to a new dentist and not knowing what to expect. I wonder if your family has their own dental fears and that's why they're uncomfortable to chat with you about your teeth- its easier to avoid teeth discussions than feel anxiety. I really hope your new dentist can give you comfort and reassurance. Keep us updated!

Alot of great advice and support here already, just wanted to say I am with them all. You already are a step in the right direction. I agree to about its really hard to talk to alot of people about dental anxiety that don't want to or aren't ready. The good thing is .. YOu have ALOT of great support here on DFC people who are ready and able and want to help you through it. All of us have went through and are going through our own ,each step of the way.. You are in good company.. We care that you make it through , and it is great you are processing here. Its a scary thing to go through dental issues. Thank God we are not alone!! Let us know it goes for you!!
Thank you to anyone who has replied. I just feel very guilty, afraid and stressed right now. I could have done something sooner, but I chose to wait and now my intuition is telling me it's going to be a very bad conclusion indeed. I'm also afraid I grind my teeth at night, which is why I keep avoiding sleep, which has turned into an unhealthy habit of not going to bed til 3 or 4 a.m. I already had trouble sleeping, but now my sleep cycle is completely out of whack. I am obsessing over my teeth constantly.
You are doing something, and it is very substantial indeed: posting here.

You can’t realize it, yet, but just by explaining yourself, your experiences, and your feelings you are well on your way.

You’ll look back at this very thread as the first step to a new wholeness.

Yes, you’ll make it to the other side of this. You’ll feel great.

In fact, right now I want you to make a list of wonderfully crunchy, cold, and pointy foods you’ll soon be enjoying.