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Terrified and deeply depressed-



Junior member
Feb 8, 2011
I have not been to dentist in over 20 years and now at age 49, I know I need to do something. I always thought I was so far off the scale that writing in a forum like this or talking about it to anyone was simply useless. The english language simply did not have the verbs and adverbs that would accurately carry on a conversation to descibe what is happening. I lost one of my lower front teeth yesterday and this is not something I can hide for long. Oh, I will try as I pulled a couple of messed up molars (rear teeth) with a pair of pliars rather than go through the appointment I made. The last time I walked in to a Dentist office in nearly unbearable pain, their focus was only on the financial aspect of my visit, so I made an ass of myself stormed out and resorted to some Jack Daniels and my craftsman tool set. I am old enough to know that this is stupid and only recently began to google some info to make some attempt to help myself. But I figure if I can put it off for say another 20 years then by that time I will be near enough to my life expectancy where I won't need to worry about it anymore. Ok-- I guess thats stupid too,, just need a little guidance.
Hi :welcome:,

although it is true that a significant number of dentists are mostly interested in the financial aspect of the dentist-patient relationship, there are also quite a lot of dentists who actually do take pride and personal satisfaction in helping people overcome their fears.

The problem can be finding them - some people get lucky (or get a really good personal recommendation) and strike gold first time round, others have to search a little harder.

Today I came across a forum post (on another forum, but referring to this website) which read:

"So much of it is about having the right dentist, one who will stop when you tell them to stop and who you trust 100%. I was told to remember I am paying for a service and if I am not happy say so. I should "interview" the dentists until I find someone I am comfortable with and who understood my fears."

This just about sums it up - our advice is always to make an appointment with a potential dentist just for a chat, and only move forward if you feel that you really like and trust this dentist. Even though dentist review websites and personal recommendations can help in making preliminary choices, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and until you've actually met a dentist, you will not know if you like and trust them (although visiting dental practices/offices beforehand can give you some sort of feel for the general atmosphere and philosophy beforehand).

I hope you will be able to find someone who is genuinely interested in helping you as a person, and not just a set of teeth, real soon :grouphug: