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Terrified first Dentist appointment in 30 years



Junior member
Jul 5, 2016
Hi everyone. This is my first posting. I always had tooth problems since I can remember but they have recently got worse. I have several missing and cracked teeth and probably gum disease. I'm terrified of the dentist because she used to strap me down in like a straight jacket. I also drink a lot and am afraid. Please someone give me advice and support. I'm missing a front tooth now and can't leave the house.
thank you so much for your response. I have an appointment tommorrow but am literally shaking with fear
Really really great that you have made that appointment. I went to the dentist today and I was very very anxious, didn't sleep, feeling sick, the works...............but, the feeling of relief afterwards is always good. I can speak from experience, the more you avoid, the more the anxiety will rise.

Try not to be hard on yourself in any way at all, feel the fear and the trembling and try to let it be, it can't harm you and neither will the dentist and the fear will lessen as you walk forward.

Wishing you the best and well done, its a huge step that you have already taken
Thank you so much SallyUK. Your support means a lot. I'm leaving for my appointment now. Thank you for your well wishes
Best of luck! Please let us know how it goes.
First of all, a HUGE well done for actually taking the first step and making an appointment. That's usually the hardest part. I recently went to my first dentist appointment in 10 years, and was literally shaking with fear in the waiting room. But, once I actually got in the chair, it wasn't that scary at all.

I know you might be terrified of all the work you imagine you might need to have done, but I've found that things are very rarely as bad as you think they'll be. I was certain I would need at least two or three fillings, but turns out I didn't need anything done! The relief was immense. Even if you do need a lot of work, I highly doubt that your teeth will be the worst your dentist has seen.

Deep breaths, and good luck. Let us know how it goes!
Thank you so much Cobaltrose and Sally UK. The appointment was not nearly bad as I expected. I had a friend go with me but got some troubling news about my teeth which I suspected anyway. They want me to extract them all and have Wednesday. I knew they were in bad shape but not that bad. I'm gutted. I have spent all day crying over the fear of the surgery and I guess the my perception of the humiliation of wearing dentures and not having any teeth. I have read so many stories similar to mine on this forum and it's made me feel not alone and looking up videos on the denture wearers and a lot of them love it. At least I won't be in constant pain and can smile for once so I'm trying to look on the bright side. Again, I want to thank you both and for your kind words and support and everyone on this board for their wisdom and honesty.
Thank you for your concern FearfulinMA I'm so impressed how kind this community is, and your reaching out shows that.
Jimmy - I'm so sorry to hear your news! Do you think it's worth getting a second opinion? If full extractions and dentures end up being the path you take, there are definitely people on this forum who have experienced that and can provide good advice. Others of us are also here to support you!
I want to say how brave you are for confronting your fears and going to see a dentist, I am sorry that your suspicions were realised because that news will take a bit of time to process. You are already sounding positive about the future which is great, doesn't take away the fact that you need to go through the procedures and adjustments.

You will find others here that have experienced similar and I hope that you will continue to pop in and get the support when you need it. I am certain life will feel lighter once you have this phase completed and can experience the benefits of eating well and no pain. Take care.
Hi Jimmy, good luck with your journey.

I have just had 19 extractions today and temporary dentures. I understand what you are going through! I started a journal which I plan to update daily on my progress. Things can only get better for you and it is a relief when it is done.

Good luck!
I'm in the same boat

Hi, thought I'd share my experience with you too, I haven't seen a dentist for about 23 years, my teeth are in a poor state, gum disease, broken teeth and they're not the strongest as anything hard I eat, a tooth literally breaks. Anyway, my girlfriend is very supportive and we made my first dentist appointment for last week, dentist was friendly and listened to any concerns I had before I even sat in the chair, first appointment is literally just a check up to see what needs to be done. I was told the inevitable that all my teeth but a few were to come out and I require dentures at the age of 35, the thought of that fills me with sadness but it is better in the long run I'm sure! I'm dreading next weds for the first appointment of three where things have to be done but I know it has to be done. Good luck and message me if you want :)
I'm new to this forum also, Jimmy, but here to offer my support. I was an active alcoholic for 10+ years and while I was drinking I never took care of my teeth. Since getting sober a few years ago I've taken really, really small steps to get my mouth back in order. The first step was to call the dentist and make an appointment. The second step was showing up for the appointment without canceling. When I finally got there I was open with them about my teeth. I told them about my past drinking. I also told them I hadn't been to a dentist in years because I was terrified of being judged. They were...incredible. Very understanding of my situation and encouraged me to get my dental health back on track. If you make an appointment and work up the courage to go, it can only get better from here. They're medical professionals who are there to help you get your mouth back in order when things like this happen.

While I know this is unrelated to the dentist, if you think your drinking is a problem you should try going to an AA meeting. The people I met through AA saved my life. Many of them have been in similar situations with their own dental health. The people there have supported me while I've gotten my dental health back on track. Since getting sober I've had my teeth cleaned, cavities filled, and root canals done. Last week I moved on to getting four wisdom teeth pulled. While it's been an extremely painful recovery, I know I have support from the people there while I recover. Good luck to you. I know you can overcome this anxiety and get the care for your mouth that you deserve.
Good luck Rocky!
SallyUK, your kindness shines though. I really appreciate your support.
Caz7, thank you so much. let's share this journey together. I really appreciate your kind words and support.
Shirleygirly83, thank you so much for your support. Your advice is sage and I will follow it.
ColbaltRose, thank you so much. You all have helped a very traumatic situation become less. I am so thankful.

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