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terrified - going to the dentist in 2 hours



Junior member
Nov 16, 2011
Hi everyone, I don't know where to start, but hope someone can help calm me down.

I'm about 6 months late for my dental cleaning (try to go every 9 months) and the absolute terror I feel never goes away. There were many years (about 10) that I didn't go to the dentist at all, but I've been fairly regular for about the last 6 or 7 years. I have numerous fillings and bad gums. For each cleaning, I always phone, cancel and reschedule so I'm always late but I usually manage to get there. I. I'm 41 with early onset osteopenia so I do have some bone loss, pockets and receding gum tissue. I've had my wisdom teeth pulled and plenty of cavities filled.

I don't know where my fear comes from. I know the injections scare me, not the pain itself, but the racing heart I get immediately following. I'm also terrified of being told I have some horrible disease like oral cancer...been an occassional smoker for a while and watched my stepfather suffer...

Any words of advice. I booked this appointment because I'm suffering with some upper molar pain. It could be due to a cavity (i know I have one there) or it could be from a sinus infection. I've had sinus issues for the past month. My worst fear is that I will get there and my jaw bone will be infected, or they will find a lesion of some sort on my gums or something.

I'm almost physically ill right now. Any helps or thoughts please. Am I the only one that has these particular fears?

Thanks so much...
Just get it out of the way and you'll be so relieved when it's done! You can't put up with tooth pain, as it will just get worse!
You sound just like me with your dread of injections and the racing heart! That's the bit I hate the most too. Somehow large chunks of the population manage going to the dentist without falling to pieces. I'm not one of them - it ties me in knots, aswell. However, my other half apparently nearly falls asleep when in the dental chair.
Let us know how it went. It will be over with soon.