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TERRIFIED of 1st Appointment in 25 years - TOMORROW!



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Aug 16, 2011
I am off the scale phobic and I feel like I am losing the plot as it gets nearer - I found and joined this site as I was relieved to see I am not the only one (although I feel like it when I walk in the surgery). Extreme pain and an abcess have pushed me to this point - I have been and talked to the D (can't even put the word in full) he seemed kind and understanding and I am due to have IV sedation tomorrow. I am TERRIFIED. I can't sleep, eat, keeping crying and am already shaking and feel sick.

Just wanted to hear from people who understand and who have had the IV sedation and can talk me through it - please help me!

The D has given me Diazepam to take before the treatment just to help in getting me there, but my adrenalin just overrides this.

Hope you can help me...

Thank you -
Hiya .. What time have u got to go? I've got to go at 9.50 am!.. I will also be taking a 'chill pill' to get me there!!! I've spoken to loads of people about sedation.. Alll say we will know nothing about it and when the iv goes in.. It will seem seconds to us that we are being told it's all done. I'm hear if u wanna talk through it xxx big hugs xxx
Hi, I know just how you feel, truly, as I had a 23-year gap between visits and then went for the IV sedation option. It is amazing stuff. I have just replied to another post enquiring about first time IV sedation, which tells exactly what happened each time I had it (twice). I know what you mean about feeling like you're the only phobic. Everyone else in the waiting room at my dental surgery always seems so CALM! You can pick me out, I'm the one holding a magazine upside-down as I pretend to read so I don't have to talk to anybody. :)o yes, honestly; I didn't realise for about 10 minutes.) You will be fine. Try to think how great it will feel afterwards...and watch which way up you hold your magazine.
Thank you so much - both of you. I really do appreciate the support.

Scared Cosmic - my appointment is 1.20pm, so at least you will be all done by the time i go in. Let me know how you get on - I will be there in spirit with you! :)

Alridge - thanks I will look up the IV sedation posts - I know everyone raves about it but right now I just think it won't work on me - it's mad but you know how irrational phobias are.

I just wish it was this time tomorrow then it would all be over.
Hiya I will try to post on here after I've had it done.. At the moment I feel relatively calm.. But I haven't tried to sleep!!! Good luck for tomorrow.. Hope to swap stories wiv u later on tomorrow nite.. But I will try as I said up the top..to let u know B4 u go in the afternoon xxxxx
Thank you so much - lots of luck and big hug for you this morning. I have been up since 6am as I am in such a state, so know how you will be feeling.

Let's hope we both have great success stories to swap later today/tomorrow :jump:

Big hugs for u to... I've been up since six to!.. I've just taken a chill pill.. And am now waiting on mu uncle to arrive and take me xx
Good luck both of you! Think how happy you will feel when it is over xxxx
Re: TERRIFIED of 1st Appointment in 25 years - TOMORROW! - UPDATE :)

I DID IT!! I must admit to being a complete mess before, off the scale in panic, utterly petrified, shaking, crying and almost on the point of collapse when I had to go into 'the room'. It took four people to coax me in there. The dentist was kind, sympathetic and even brought the anaesthestist out to talk to me - when they realised the panic I was in they promised to put me under deeper so I wouldn't be aware (although I didn't believe them).

I perched on the edge of the chair, I couldn't and wouldn't sit back, they hooked me up to the heart monitor (which I nearly blue out of it's socket cos my heart was racing so much!) and a small scratch on the back of my hand, nothing for a few seconds and then apparently I was asking questions (which I don't remember) and then I was out of it!

The next thing I remember was being asked to bite down (for x-rays) and some distant voices. I had been out for an hour - IV sedation is heaven sent!

I am a bit sore today and I do have to go back for more treatment, and I know I will probably be in a state again, but not quite as bad as yesterday, I now understand what everyone on here says about IV sedation. It makes it possible and bearable to have treatment.

I was so bad I couldn't even look at these forums, and then 'hid' for months just reading, now I want to thank the site, the forum and those that posted and replied and helped me so much - your support really helped me not to feel like the 'only one' (not to mention my poor sister to had to get me there and hold my hand all the way).

It took over 25 years but I finally went to have treatment - something I honestly believed would never happen. :jump:

Thank you!
Great news and congratulations :jump:.
Well done... I did it too!!!!! Sorry I couldn't write yesterday.. I came home and slept and slept!! All I can remember is looking up at the ceiling. And I thought to my self,I think I will close my eyes now.. But it had all finished... I don't remember any talking no noise absolutely nothing!!! My jaw is very sore today and feels swollen,so I am taking nureofen when the nxt dose allows me(I can't stand pain or discomfort in my mouth).. I would defo recommend iv sedation to anyone who has a fear of dentists.. I don't think I worried about have to have 2 c-sections as much as I have the dentist xx:jump:
That's brilliant, well done you!