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Terrified of 2 wizzie removal



Junior member
Nov 16, 2010
Im 50 yrs old and need to have my lower R and L wisdom teeth removed! Surgery is on Monday along with the teeth im having a jaw cyst removed on L side. all this is going to be done under I.V. sedation..
will I feel them removing the cyst?
does the 10mg valium they r giving me the night before and morning of enough to calm me and get me there? I literally shake before going to a routine cleaning so I am stressing at how I will be just getting to the OS office.

I am terrified of the recovery process as well as I hear it is terribly painful for anyone over 30.
Is anyone 50 or over and had this done? tips advice please..I want to cancell soo bad... HELP!

I am having five teeth taken out at the end of the month. 4 are wisdom teeth.

First, the valium will indeed usually help people calm down quite nicely.

Secondly, not everyone over 30 has a terribly painful time from my own personal reading and talking with the oral surgeon. My personal teeth, he said I would likely do just fine and didn't mention any 'special pain' I might feel because of my age. Usually the older you get they can become harder to get out, so it's not out of the question. BUT. They will make sure you are very comfortable after because you'll be numb and before that wears off you will have taken painkillers.

I am also scared about my own extraction. But good for you for getting it done!
I had my wisdom teeth out at 49 with just a local, no problems.

With IV sedation, you will not feel any pain or even remember the procedure. The 10mg of valium will relax you and is a good pre-sedative.

IV sedation is a great choice for very anxious people because it works quickly, and removes memory of the procedure.

Recovery should not be difficult. Mine was quite easy. I wish you the best.
Thank u for the replies....I just cannot stand this anxiety:cry: i feel like such a baby, i look at people with no arms, legs etc and they go on to do great things and I cannot bring myself to go the the dentist or face this os appt:shame:

wish me luck, I gotta do this, with the cyst I HAVE NO choice...i hope to be back on Monday night with a postive post :)
Hi! I am not over 50 but had some teeth removed. I am almost 37 and had my wisdom teeth (three) and two molars removed in September. While the experience was not pleasant it was not as bad as I had envisioned in my mind. I took my pain pills and after a week or so I switched to Advil and Tylenol. I only needed two advil and one tylenol in the morning and before bed. I also had valium before my appointment(20 mg). I had the IV sedation and remember not much of anything. I think I heard a sentence spoken but cannot be sure. I do not even remember the ride home. My jaw on the right side bottom was sore for a while. The heating pad was my best friend. The tooth on the top left I never knew I had out. I had no pain at that site what so ever. The bottom was the worst since the tooth was angled, semi impacted and decaying and the molar in front broke. None of this pain was excruciating. It was more discomfort. That annoying ache kind of thing that is tolerable. It did not stop me from cleaning or cooking, not that I wanted to do that kind of thing:). People kept telling me I would have a tougher recovery since I was not in my teens or twenties. I believed them. I should not have. Each person is different. I had an easier time than my sister who had hers taken out when she was a teenager. My thoughts are with you. You will be back with a positive post and be able to help others. Best of luck to you.
Bobanny how did it go? I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday the 19th, so I'm in a similar boat with you. Plus I noticed you were from Michigan, me as well!

Just wanted to check in and see how things are going with you. :)
Bobbany, I would like to know how everything went. I'm 42 and have been told I need my 2 bottom wisdom teeth out. I have alot of fear about it too and would like to know what your experience was. Mine will have to be surgically removed... not just a normal extraction.