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Terrified of abscess, please help



Junior member
Mar 9, 2018
Hi, it's 4:31 am here and I just had to make an account because I am absolutely freaking out. I have what I'm 99.9% sure is an abscess, and possibly a sinus infection as well. I made the mistake of ignoring my dentist's attempts to schedule follow up when I had a traumatic time with getting fillings. I finally went back today after 1.5 years due to very bad pain in my upper right jaw, sinuses, and temple. Unfortunately, I have state insurance and no quality dentists in my area take it. I haven't been able to chew on the right side where I got the fillings, and the sensitivity to hot and cold has been getting progressively worse. But, I was still too afraid to go back till now. Today, the dentist didn't really see what the problem was besides the messed up fillings from 1.5 years ago. However, I saw that they didn't image the roots of the teeth, only the crowns. So I asked them to take another xray of the roots. Sure enough, there was a dark spot (which indicates an abscess I'm pretty sure), and the root of the tooth appeared bent. But the dentist still claimed to not know what that means, so they sent me to a different branch to get a panoramic xray done. After that, I could partially see the image up on the screen, but the person operating it didn't tell me any info and just told me I could leave now and it would be sent to my dentist.
Here's the problem - the closest appointment I could get is in a week, and I can't stand this pain. I'm terrified that there is something horribly wrong, like the infection causing so much damage that I'll have to go through tons of traumatizing procedures, or worse, that it's spreading to my bones and brain. I've waited so long before seeking treatment so I feel like it could be happening.
I'm also afraid to go to the ER because I don't know what they're going to do to me. I'm afraid of being giving strong drugs that will me nauseous or throw up (I'm also an emetophobe).
I know this is all kinds of crazy but I really need some reassurance right now.
Hi Amygdaland (great name BTW)

Sorry to hear that you've been receiving such poor care :(. If you are in severe pain, I would go to ER - they'll be able to prescribe you an antibiotic, which should alleviate the pain fairly quickly. You should make them aware of your emetophobia and ask what can be done about it. For example, you could take an antiemetic like Zofran beforehand. Also, it's important to take antibiotics with food to prevent queasiness.

An infection spreading to bones and brain is an incredibly rare event - so rare that it's not really worth contemplating.

I hope you'll be able to get some relief from the pain soon :grouphug:
Thank you so much, I will be going to the ER as soon as I can. I don't drive, and my parents and partner are working today so it will just be another day :(

I've been taking ibuprofen which hasn't worked, but I realized the ones I were taking expired. I'll try taking some out of a new bottle and see if it helps me.