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Terrified of Abscess



Junior member
Jul 16, 2019
Woke up to this, this morning. It BARELY hurts, but it’s hard and in the way when I eat. My biggest fear is it being an abscess, but I don’t seem to have the symptoms of it other than a tiny bit of pain. I haven’t had a cavity in years, and take good care of my teeth. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow but if someone could help calm my nerves by reassuring me it looks like something else (or doesn’t) I’d appreciate it, thanks!


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Let me assure you: 100% not an abscess.
There is no rush but you should consult a dentist about it just to diagnose it. It is probebly some food got stuck there which irritates the tissue and the dentist can clean the gum and solve it.
I get them too in that spot, never been an abscess just a little something got stuck and it goes away