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Terrified of All on four dental implant failure



Junior member
Mar 12, 2024
I am 55 yo female who had periodontal disease I my twenties from poor oral hygiene and poor teeth in my family and was a smoker. In my 30's I developed excellent oral hygiene and quit smoking ans became health conscious. 4 years ago it was identified that I had very little anterior lower jaw bone and my teeths were going to start falling out. My oral surgeon said it was an unusually tough case. Thankfully he was very cautious and very experienced and we proceeded w bone grafting, then the implants a year after and a temporary denture until the implants "took". Then a year later my final denture. Doc told.me that I can't afford to lose even 1 mm of bone as there is still so little even w the grafting. i have been terrified to lose my implants/dentures as I don't even have enough none to support floating dentures. He said the jaw bone is like a knife edge. I am vain and want to keep my teeth. I am now experiencing what feels like an infection in the gums of.one of the plants and weird aches through out my jaw. I am so afraid. I can't sleep at night and no one else knows what I am going thru. I desperately needed to talk to others in a similar situation. My entire quality of life will go downhill as I wont be able to eat without blending my food. Never minding that I will never go anywhere and will become very depressed.