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Terrified of deep cleaning/ surgery



Jan 4, 2013
I'm only 22 this year. All along, I've been brushing my teeth regularly. I don't smoke/ drink/ take any medications. But awhile ago, I wanted to get braces done only to realize that I'm down with periodontal disease when the X-ray was taken. Apparently, no dentist is able to explain. They said it's probably due to the genes. I'm so afraid. Everything is so sudden!

I've gum pockets of deepest 6mm. The dentist suggest that I go for deep cleaning 1st. If it doesn't improve, then we proceed with gum flap surgery. I'm so terrified!! Has anyone here undergone deep cleaning? How is the process like and does it hurt really bad? It sounds really painful & I'm so afraid. I know I can't chicken out but I'm just so frightened. It's this Friday. How does it feel like? Also, how does gum flap surgery feel like? I'm so so so so so afraid. Can anyone help me please...I need support.
Hi Cheque,
Sorry to hear all of this has hit you as surprise. Surprises at the dentist are never fun! Try not to worry about the deep clean. I have never had one but have read many experiences from others on here. You will be completely numb so it should not hurt at all. You will either have a topical numbing gel on your gums and or an injection of local anesthesia depending on what they deem will be most appropriate and effective for you. If you have ever had your teeth scaled the procedure is very similar they just go a little deeper beneath the gumline than usual to clean out the pockets so they can heal. Most people state that they only need ibuprofen for soreness a day or 2 after the procedure and it takes about 45ish minutes. Sometimes the split the procedure up into quadrants and you may have only 1/4 of the mouth done at a time in separate appointments but again that depends on the dentist and your personal preference. Remember that you are always in control and can stop the procedure at any time just establish a stop signal prior to starting such as a hand raise to let them know if you need more numbing or just need a break. Best of luck!
I just had a deep cleaning last week. I had three parts left so I just did it all at once, took about 90 minutes but I'm older and an ex smoker so probably had more build up than you. For me the only thing that bothered me was having my mouth open for so long. Other than that, it's not bad at all but do bring your iPod because it was LOUD!

Afterwards I only felt a tad sore after the local wore off and didn't need my Advil at all.

Don't worry you'll be okay. If I can handle it (and I throw like a girl) so can you. ;)
Gum disease can happen even if you are a good brusher. For me it was because I was not a good flosser and was terrified on the dentist. I did not have scheduled cleanings and the plaque built up under the gums. I remember my hygeinist telling me "above the gums you have no plaque, but below the gums you do".

A deep cleaning is not that bad. Being worked on and losing control is the worst part of it. If you can overcome the fear of someone working on you, the procedure is not that bad. Afterwords you breath is kissable and your gums shrink to fit around your teeth. So the gum pockets heal and no nasty bacteria gets back in there to cause you further bone loss, tooth loss, and bad breath.

Think of it this way. You are at a tipping point. You can get this procedure done, brush, floss, get your teeth cleaned every four months, then move to twice a year and keep your teeth the rest of your life. :)

I am in braces now, after my molar gum pockets shrunk from 5mm to 3mm. But the bone loss is still there so I am so careful to brush, floss and keep up with my new dentist. So braces after periodontal disease is possible, but only after the infection is not active. Best of luck!