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Terrified of dental impression putty



Junior member
Apr 7, 2022
New to the group.
I went to the dentist for my 2nd impression for upper dentures.
The assistant put too much putty on my impression and I felt it started running down my throat. I felt I couldn't breathe. I felt it was choking me. I tried to keep it in as long as possible. I stood up, started moaning and crying and took out the impression myself. I felt I swallowed a little of that goop. I started crying and spitting out as much as I could. The dentist came in and I was shaking. He wasn't very comforting at all. I asked him if it was dangerous to swallow a small amount if the goop. He said no but he wasn't too convincing. When I left, I got in my car and started sobbing. I drove home and I'm still trying to process that feeling of my throat being blocked by that awful goop.
Now, after that long introduction, can you please tell me if that goop is bad for you if you ingest it?
Thank you.
No not in the slightest. One of the most common ones is actually made from seaweed, so it's probably slightly nutritious in fact :)
@Gordon Thank you for putting my mind at ease. I'm glad the hardest part is over. Yay!