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Terrified of double tooth extraction today, without nitrous (only Novocain).



Junior member
Dec 22, 2020
San Diego
I’m terrified of a double tooth extraction without nitrous, (because of covid19). These are close to the front (under a canine), with deep roots. They might be doing a bone graft as well. I’ve had both procedures done in the past, but only with nitrous oxide. I feel like canceling, but hate the gap. It makes me feel ugly.


Junior member
Dec 22, 2020
Just take some deep breathes and relax. That’s what I did when I did that yesterday.


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
They won’t do nitrous because of the pandemic? I had an extraction Thursday with nitrous. I am on the East Coast.
Can you get an oral sedative instead? It is probably too late now if you went through with the appointment.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Siouxsie, how did it go?


Junior member
Nov 12, 2020
Just as a point of possible interest towards the topic of 'two teeth extracted'; I had two teeth extracted today.

It went very well so far, I am just waiting for the pain to start.(It has been almost exactly 12 hours since the dentist appointment started) It's kind of a curious state of mind, where I am waiting for pain, but at the same time, glad that so far, there are have been no problems (the dentist even removed a lot of tartar, so my mouth feels better).

I am mostly worried about whether I can do the 'eating' and brushing properly with this new situation.

My plan is to not eat anything too solid for a few days, and then chew only on the 'un-operated side' for a couple of weeks, then slowly start learning how to chew more fully again.

I am looking to learn how to do some kind of 'flossing' type stuff with those 'Interdental' brushes, if I can find them somewhere. I just worry that eventually I will become lazy and stop being so diligent about it. It's hard to dedicate consistent energy, effort and time every single day for 'maintenance', even if it's very important maintenance, like teeth.

It's sad how much fear goes into these things, really - and how many people have to worry about teeth, when they could be living out their lives instead. Then again, there's karma, so maybe it's all good..

This forum taught me an important thing; people go through this kind of stuff, this is normal life, it happens to lots and lots of people, they have teeth extracted and life goes on. So with this kind of mentality, perhaps this can all turn to joy and not have to take over our whole lives.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack someone else's thread.

My point is simply to encourage that others are also having their teeth extracted, and it can work out fine and without problems (at least so far), so hopefully this post helps in the hopeful positivity area, if nothing else.

I would also love to hear how it all went for you, Siouxsie.
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