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Terrified of getting numbed



Junior member
Mar 27, 2014
Hi , I am new here and have terrible panic and anxiety with the whole numbing process. I feel like I cant breath and I'm gonna choke and cant swallow. My dentist usually uses a little bit of carbocain if she has to numb me at all .Today I was told I would have to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled out since it is messing up my other teeth. I am terrified and would like to know what other people have gone through when it comes to having a wisdom tooth removed. My dentist would not even be doing the work ,,she is sending me to an oral surgeon for the tooth extraction, Any help or support would be greatly appreciated.


You can have IV sedation at an oral surgeons office

To help with fear of needle, the dentist can put topical anesthesia on first. Just tell him to leave it on for a while and do it twice so you won't feel anything. Also, if he does the injection slowly it actually hurts less. I've found that with that technique I didn't even know he did anything. No feeling at all

It feels like you can't breathe because of the adrenaline in the anesthetic. It helps me to know that fact. Just have the dentist take breaks between each injection so you have time to catch your breath

Ask for a prescription for something like Ativan. It works wonders


If you're scared of the feeling of numbness, there is actually a medication that will reverse that feeling. It's given after the procedure. But for tooth extraction it might not be a good option.