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Terrified of going to the dentist fear of dying from sepsis

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Sep 5, 2021
Hello I am 28 years old and I have a extreme fear of the dentist I haven’t gone in over 10 years I have a tooth that has broken more and more over the last 2 years and one side of it is to the gum I’ve taken multiple courses or azithromycin over the 2 years whenever the infection acted up now that I’ve decided to take care of this tooth and face my fears all appointments are around November despite emergency appointments I have 2 questions if someone could help me out
1- can a tooth that’s been broken for years and caused cheek swelling due to a abscess in the cheek spread to my face and cause sepsis?

2- I’ve taken multiple courses of azithromycin over this 2 year span about 6 should I be worried about antibiotic resistance ?
Hi BulleterrierDaf93,

first of all: well done on scheduling an appointment! :claps:
When it comes to the sepsis part of your question, we have a post in the FAQ that you may find helpful:

All the best wishes
After 2 years finally got a abscesses rotten tooth extracted at a oral surgeon but I’m worried about one thing he said I did not need antibiotics since I’m allergic to penicillin and sulfa and clindamycin makes me itchy 2 weeks ago I took azithromycin z pack for a cold so I’m guessing that calmed my infection down in my tooth my worry is will I get sepsis after this extraction I’m paranoid about the chances of getting sepsis from a extraction since it was abscessed
I'm not a doctor or a dentist so I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but I think sepsis from a dental abscess is virtually nonexistent, more so now the tooth is gone so the abscess can drain.
And in the case of dry socket would sepsis happen?
How does the abcess drain if the blood clot forms my dentist did not provide antibiotics
You don't need antibiotics. You won't get sepsis and dry sockets are nowt to do with infections.
The abscess drains out as the tooth is removed, quite often they're attached to the root and you can see them. This makes me happy when it happens because I'm a bit weird :) Actually, I think I'm a lot weird :)
Thank god doctor I’m relieved, is it safe to eat cooled mash potatoes? The first day I did that made sure it was cooled
It's safe to eat whatever you want.
I’m scared of getting dry socket it’s been 48 hours when I eat Mac and cheese? Online it says to avoid that for a few days
It's safe to eat whatever you want. Highest risk of dry socket is the first 24 hrs and there's no evidence at all that what you eat makes a blind bit of difference. The risks of dry socket are in descending order:
1) Smoking
2) Difficult or prolonged extraction
3) Lower tooth
4) Female more likely than male
My tooth was abscessed and broken. It was extracted over a week ago. I used to have the abscess right under my cheek by my nose area. The dentist never prescribed antibiotics and told me the abcess would go away. Now that the infected tooth is gone, how long does it take to leave ?
The abscess leaves along with the infected tooth mostly. Anything left over is dealt with by the immune system in a day or so.
So it’s normal to feel pain on the extraction site still after a week?
and can I resume to eating normal food already like rice and meats? Spicy foods?
Yes. There's a fair bit of healing going on yet and there will be for a while yet.

I said on Saturday you could eat whatever you wanted :) Go ahead and eat whatever you want :)
Is it normal for my extraction site area to be sensitive to hot and cold and water?
also are teeth next to the extraction area supposed to be Sensitive 2 weeks post extraction?
Yes, or rather the teeth around it might be. Sometimes as the socket heals it can expose a little bit of root surface of the adjoining teeth which can be sensitive. Try using some desensitising toothpaste massaged well into the sensitive areas with a finger. Best done last thing at night and left undisturbed!