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Terrified of having wisdom teeth out? X-Rays?



Jan 10, 2011
So, I'm 33 years old and all 4 of my wisdom teeth came in straight.. not impacted. Dentists have told me I should probably have them out anyway.. although they continued to just fill them and take care of them. Well the one on the top left had a chunk come out of it tonight.. so I know I need to schedule an appointment with my dentist to talk about removing them. I have had all sorts of procedures on my teeth, but never an extraction or surgery. Is it easier since they are fully in? Can it be done without being put under? What if it falls apart from decay? Since they are completely in, could my dentist do it?

Another thing.. I have never been really too afraid of the dentist. However a little over a year ago I went through a horrible medical ordeal.. which led to a hysterectomy.. everything turned out okay though... however to get to that point, I had to go through several tests and a couple of CT Scans. Well, this led to a huge fear of doctors and also a huge fear of radiation. Over time I came to grips with it and realized that the risk was EXTREMELY small.. even from the CT scans. But I think it's in the back of my mind still.. because even the thoughts of having dental x-rays to go through this process is making me go into a panic. I have avoided the dentist for over a year.. since before the appointment due to all of this fear of doctors and tests. Can anyone calm my fears over this? Obviously I know they are going to have to do some x-rays at the visit.. and if I end up at an oral surgeon... will they have to do more?? Will they have to any after the wisdom teeth are out?

I will say.. before the whole medical ordeal, I have always had really sensitive teeth.. so I have had tons of work, root canals, fillings, crowns, etc.. and tons of x-rays throughout my life. And I was never scared really.But now.. I'm just really nervous about it and the accumulation. I knew the day would come eventually.. and I know I need to go. So please, any thing you guys can say to help reassure me before I call on Monday morning would be greatly appreciated!
I want to add that my dentist does say he can do it if it is non complicated.. probably meaning fully erupted, which mine is.

I plan to call first thing tomorrow. Just trying to get there.
Anyone? Before I call in the morning. I'm feeling really nervous. :(
I still have my wisdom teeth, so I can only help out so much...when it comes to your xray fear, let the dentist know about it and how it affects you so that he can help you out with it. Depending on how the teeth are in there, the dentist can either take it out, or they might have to do full oral surgery, it depends. They may need to do xrays to see how the teeth are doing in there, but a few xrays here and there aren't bad. Its different than a CT scan and the dentist can explain how the xrays work. Just let them know about your fear and they can explain things.

My only thing I would ask is if the teeth are close to the nerve- there is a risk of some nerve issues if you take out the wisdom teeth if they are on the nerve. My dentist warned me about the possible complication and I elected to save my wisdom teeth because they were not impacted.
Mine are not impacted either.. they are fully in.. actually maybe a little too far in on top where the one is broken.

I know that the dental x-rays are different from a CT scan.. I had tons and tons before I had that whole ordeal last year. Before that.. I never even questioned it. It was after that ordeal that I became afraid of radiation.. I had never had CT's before. Now I'm terrified of all forms... that they could harm me.
My understanding from reading on this board is that exposure to radiation from a dental X-ray is about the same as if you were to fly across the US. Also, I had all of my wisdom teeth out when I was 30. The ones that were fully erupted came out it seconds - I had no idea they had even started.
Thanks! I have heard that it's pretty negligible.. even way less than a regular x-ray let alone a CT scan. I don't know. I'm just scared now. However my dentist does use the newer digital x-rays and i've heard they are even better?

Fearful in MA, did you have them done at your regular dentist under just local? Will it matter that it's broken?
I did have only local for the extractions. The extractions were done by an oral surgeon because the 2 bottom ones were 'full boney impacted' so my regular dentist would not have done those. For erupted teeth, I think it really depends on the dentist whether or not they will do the extractions.

For the 2 wisdom teeth that were erupted, they were horribly decayed, but there was no problem with them coming out.

I hope this helps.
Yes, thank you that is very helpful! I will be happy to let my dentist do the top ones since they are fully erupted and just wait on the bottom ones as they aren't causing me any issues. They are like yours I think.. they are still half way in although straight and through the gums. The top ones came in too far. I'm glad to know the fully erupted ones were easy! Because mine is definitely decayed! I'm hoping my dentist can just do it...
...Thanks fearfulinMA!

If you end up having to be put under, let me know. I've had a molar extraction (#30) and implant both under general anesthesia. I can answer any fear related questions about that. I was definitely terrified before my first one, but it really wasn't all that bad, and I'll tell you the same thing. You don't feel a thing and you probably won't remember when you go under anyways.