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Terrified of Having Wisdom Tooth Extracted



Junior member
Mar 5, 2013
Hello all! I am so thankful for this forum b/c I am absolutely petrified about possibly needing my lower wisdom tooth extracted. For years I've been told my lower wisdom teeth were coming through, I should have them out, etc. but I literally never had any discomfort from them so elected to not have them out. A week ago I started having bad jaw and ear pain and am terrified this is because my tooth is impacted and am fearing the worst. I am honestly such a wreck about this. I had my upper tooth extracted about 7 years ago but that was a super easy extraction since it was an upper wisdom tooth and the healing process was really easy. If the lower was just like the upper I'd be less worried but I've read a lot saying lower extractions are more difficult and am just so freaked out. I know I need to go see an oral surgeon but just the mere thought is so upsetting.
Hi phsgirl,

widsom teeth can feel scary and it sounds like you've heard some stories about lower wisdom teeth being more difficult then upper (difficult for whom? The dentist who has to take care of it? Or the people who got them out? And in which sense exactly?) but this is really subjective and the lower wisdom tooth doesn't have to be any different than the upper one.
I had all 4 out in one visit and it was super quick and easy and no problem at all. I bet the one tooth will come out easier than you imagined.
The best thing might to take it one step at a time and to schedule a consult. You can use it to ask questions about whatever it is that bothers you. The consult is will give you the information that you need and options that you have and you can then still take a break to prepare yourself or schedule the procedure if you feel like it.

All the best wishes